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5 Italian Furniture Brands You Need to Know

Italian furniture has firmly established itself as a leading source of quality for the home, office, fine dining establishments and luxury hotels.  Inimitable in quality, it transcends the common.

But the array of brands is dizzying.  Such is the life of fine furnishings in one of the most vibrant sources of design in the world – Italy.  This post will introduce you to 5 Italian furniture brands you need to know.

  1. Opear Contemporary
  2. Scappini
  3. Domus Design Collection
  4. Carpanelli Furniture
  5. Diemme Furniture

These are exemplary brands, stamped with a singular style that brings Italian sophistication and style home to America.

1. Opera Contemporary

An offshoot of the Angelo Capellini furniture design house, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and faithful Regency and Louis reproductions, Opera Contemporary is a modern interpretation, advancing the uniquely Italian adoration of beauty.

Tradition meets simplicity in this contemporary line, wrapping offerings in rich velvet and sleek, modern metal finishes.

luxury bed Opera Contemporary

2. Scappini

A gift from the fabled city of Verona to the world of furniture design, Scappini is noted for its devotion to fine detail, in its labor-intensive treatments of classic designs.

Bringing a graceful past into the present, Scappini & C. Classic Furniture evokes the sweetness of a past rooted in comfort, and a gently lived life.

Scappini table

3. Domus Design Collection

Cool sophistication is the watchword of this sought-after, contemporary design house.  Created for sweeping, confident spaces, Domus brings discerning lovers of fine furniture artful living, with bold directions in Italian design.

Recipient of numerous design awards, you’ll find Domus’s unique visions in the homes of artists, designers and those who appreciate the quality, beauty and integrity of Italian style.

4. Carpanelli Furniture

For those who believe that fine craftsmanship is a thing of the past, Carpanelli stands in defiance.  Inlay techniques which have stood the test of time, employing rare woods, are continued in the loving hands of Carpanelli’s skilled artisans.

If you have a vision of exquisite detail, then you’ll love what Carpanelli creates.  With elements as precious as mother of pearl ingenuously integrated into the production of luxurious pieces, you’ll find a friend in Carpanelli.

Carpanelli dining table

5. Diemme Furniture

The architectural is explored in this exceptional line, featuring designs created to accommodate the human body, intelligently and ergonomically.

Founded in the 1990s, Diemme is dedicated to creating quality for the office and home, with seating which speaks your language, while marrying function to form effortlessly.

Demanding that style serve function, Diemme is the synthesis of ultimate comfort with inimitable and unforgettable design.

Diemme sofa

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