2018 Decorating Trends: Go Bold or Go Home!

As design years go, 2018 is not for the timid.  Featured are the geometric patterns we’ve seen everywhere in 2017, but transformed.  Texture is making a comeback, with natural fibers and other materials surging to the forefront.

In sum, it’s all about letting go of your reservations on the home front and allowing yourself to take a walk on the wild side (within reason, of course).

Let’s get into 2018 decorating trends and find out how the bold and the beautiful are expressing themselves this year.

Ultra Violet.

The Pantone color of the year for 2018, Ultra Violet is a blue-based purple which expresses the epoch of imagination and innovation we’re currently living in.

If the first word that springs to mind is “purple”, think again.  This rich color is the ideal complement and update to the recent decorating trend towards grey. Layer cousins like lavender with décor accents and contrast with another 2018 superstar, olive green.  Nuanced and emotional, Ultra Violet has depth.

Especially effective when applied in an environment which features natural materials like raw stone and wood, Ultra Violet is a touch of the mystical in a data-driven world.

Follow the bouncing ball.

Geometric patterns have been huge in recent seasons, but this year it’s the circle’s moment.  Décor pieces featuring large, bold circles (not necessarily your grandma’s polka dots) are a return to having fun with design.

Don’t limit this 2018 decorating trend to a couple of throw cushions.  Consider upholstering the seat of a wingback chair, or creating a tufted end table with a bold circle pattern.  Even your walls can’t escape, as wallpaper creators jump on board.

living room circles design

Velvet touch.

The rich, comforting texture of velvet is back for décor and home furnishings.  Plush is the word, as bold, rich color meets soft, tactile velvet.

This trend extends through the living room to the bedroom, bringing endless possibilities for luxurious headboards, sofas, dining room seating, lounge chairs and chaise longues.  Deploying velvet means stepping a little outside the ordinary to feature it in your home as a warm, comfortable aspect of graceful living.

velvet chair

High polish.

Lacquer finishes are bigger than ever and this year, they’re not just for the walls.  Furniture and cabinetry get to join in the fun.

Don’t fancy re-visioning all the walls in this high polish finish?  We agree that might be overzealous.  A feature wall, or a statement piece like a buffet, or lacquered dining room table might be the way to introduce the trend to your home.


One of this year’s most beautiful trends is that featuring tone-on-tone walls and molding.  There’s something interesting about trim which blends with the wall, creating the illusion of higher ceilings, as well.

Heighten the effect by painting a key piece of furniture in a matching color.  A dresser with gold fixtures, topped with a stunning floral arrangement in contrasting colors, adds dimension and interest.

These 2018 decorating trends are just what you need to go boldly into the new year.  Visit our website for more ideas.

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