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Versatility of Pattern

Patterns make a huge difference in any room. Aside from colors or shapes, patterns can completely transform the mood in a room. Pattern is typically pictured on pillows, blankets, or even sofas for the more adventurous type. Those are not the only objects that can have a pattern. For those that are more comfortable with pattern being long term, it can also appear on cabinets or doors.

Start Small

If you are not used to patterns,  start off small by incorporating a small piece of furniture. It can be a single piece like an ottoman or bench that will give you a taste as to how it will look in your space. Since it will be the only item that has a pattern, it is sure to match with the rest of your pieces. It can be as simple as plaid or as exciting as zebra stripes. Paired against a neutral base any pattern will complement the space. This way you can start working your way up to incorporate larger pieces and more unique patterns.

An interesting way to display pattern is also through having select items with similar pattern spread around a room. For example the pillows, lamp shade, and ottoman can all share the same pattern. This will add pops of color throughout the room which causes your eyes to move everywhere. It is easier to incorporate pattern with this tip because your only using one type throughout the room and it will not be overwhelming.

Other Options

Pattern is not limited to only upholstered furnishings. It can also be seen in carving, inlaid materials, or metals applied to an object. Adding a carved cabinet or chest also has the same effect as patterned upholstery. The carving may also add that extra element of depth because of the intricate design some items have. The level of intricacy may be all the you need and would make a great focal point for your room. Inlaid wood, for example, is also very versatile in the type of pattern that you would like. This technique can range from simple to ornate designs that even alters perspective. Metals are also a great way to add pattern while also adding variety to the texture in your space. Metal can be used to create designs on an items surface. Depending on the type that is used, it may also add a nice contrast and bring warmth to your space.

If you are new to incorporating pattern into your home the options may seem to much to handle. When you discover which one is suited for your needs and style it will be easier to settle for a certain type. Until then, making small, simple changes is a great way to experiment with pattern. Soon enough you will be comfortable enough to add bold patterns along your doors and walls!