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The Role of Color in Bedroom and Bedroom Furniture Designs

After the kitchen and bathroom, property owners pay a significant amount of attention to the master bedroom. After all, the master bedroom is not just a place to rest your weary head after a hard day’s work. It is also your private space inside the house.

As master bedrooms become larger in size, homeowners now have several options to choose from when it comes to the combination and layering of colors, with the end goal of coming up with a unique look. For bedrooms with built in bathrooms, it is worthwhile to choose colors which complement both.

The conventional wisdom in choosing which colors to use in a bedroom (and bedroom furniture designs) is to choose those which match your personal style. However, homeowners must remember that their choice of colors can influence the mood inside the master bedroom. Although it is possible to use colors from both ends of the extreme (bright and dark colors), these can be used for accents against a backdrop of neutral colors.

A lot of interior designers favor the use of the color green which is found in the middle of the color spectrum, containing elements of both warm and cool colors. Additionally, green is available in different tints. The color also works well with different styles, from modern to traditional sensibilities.

Blue is another color that is heavily favored by seasoned designers. This hue is soothing and cool and can serve as a great backdrop for traditional design. If you want to avoid pale or muted versions, there are several options to choose from which can help you achieve a soft look.

But what if you wish to use red, yellow or even black for your bedroom and furniture?

It is possible to use these colors in the bedroom and achieve outstanding results. The key here is restraint. Use too much of these colors and they can overwhelm you and take on lives of their own.

If you are planning to use red in the bedroom, consider painting one wall in this hue or choosing a more subdued tint. Do take note that this color does not work well with wood furniture.

If you wish to use yellow in the bedroom, choose a softer shade that is more relaxing. Brighter tints simply don’t work in the bedroom. Black can work inside the bedroom. The trick is to even things out by adding furniture in white, yellow and turquoise hues.