Get the Most Out of a Small Bedroom

Having a small bedroom can feel a bit confined but the way in which you furnish your room can transform it into a cozy environment. A room can feel uncomfortably small if it lacks storage, based on the positioning of furniture, or even the color of the walls. By following these tips one can vastly improve the appearance of their room, transforming it from cluttered to comfy.


The bed is the piece that occupies the most space in a bedroom but depending on the size and where you place it will improve the flow of the bedroom. If the room is too small to place your bed in the center of the room, change the angle. Moving your bed so that it is closer to the wall does not mean it will be even more confined. Facing your bed towards a window will make a small bedroom feel larger as the outside world is directly in front of you. Try not to block the window(s) in your room, the natural light will add a light, airy feeling making your space less confined.


Colors play a huge role in capturing or emitting emotions, the same applies to the color in your bedroom. The color that you choose in your bedroom can capture different emotions and also effect how space is perceived. While darker colors can be used in the bedroom, the trick is to use it sparingly so that the color does not completely overtake the room or make it look enclosed. Light colors work well in bedrooms especially if they work with the natural light, creating a light feeling. Sticking to a single color for both the walls and ceilings will also help to mask the size of the bedroom; the space becomes less easily defined if a single color is used.

Floor space

Clearing up the floor space can easily give you more space in your room. If your room does not already have closets, separate units will be a necessity. Instead of having multiple storage areas, make use of your vertical space; closets that reach from floor to ceiling. This allows you to use vertical space that often goes untouched and clears up the floor. Wall mounted nights stands or wall shelves can also easily remove any clutter from the floors

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