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Simple Ideas to Cozy Up the Guest Bedroom

There’s something a little inhospitable about accommodating overnight guests on a hide-a-bed in a disorganized spare room, filled with assorted bric-a-brac.

Books jumbled in a book shelf that’s seen better days, a throw tossed over the hide-a-bed bearing the image of Pokemon and a couple of venerable pillows dragged from an airless closet don’t exactly spell “welcome to our home”.

Add to all that the notorious discomfort some experience on convertible beds (an episode of Seinfeld comes to mind) and your guests are probably going to think you’re trying to discourage subsequent stays.

But there’s a better way.


Say “welcome” without words.

It’s time to say goodbye to your guest bedroom’s overly casual ambience, replacing it with symbols of your generous hospitality.  Saying “welcome” without words can be as simple as a bunch of tulips (available year ‘round) on the bedside table.

Anticipate the needs of your guests by creating a hotel-like experience in your guest room.  Roll fluffy, white bath towels, placing them on the bed.  It’s a simple touch, but it immediately reminds your guests of a hotel stay.  Isn’t that more welcoming than say, tossing a towel at them and hollering, “Here!  Use this!”?

We think so.

Plush comfort.

No matter how pleased your guests are to see you, nothing is more important than their comfort for accommodating, thoughtful hosts.

If you’ve been using mismatched pillow covers and a threadbare bedcover (or a Pokemon throw), it’s time to upgrade.  Replace your bedding with matching sheets and pillowcases and an attractive cover.  A duvet is a must, especially during the colder seasons and invites your guests to a restful night’s sleep.

Add to the effect by giving most of the books in that messy, haphazard book shelf to Goodwill (and the book shelf, too).  Keep only quality volumes, leaving them on the bedside table for your guests to enjoy before turning in for the night.

wall unit bed system

Harmonize the space.

Simple ideas to cozy up your guest bedroom don’t have to involve a full-on renovation.  Working with what you have is easier than you think.

Create harmony in the space by using items which complement the room’s central feature – the bed.  If the room is without window covers, this is your chance to take the bull by the horns and get them covered.

Drapes are a simple solution.  Make sure they’re lined, so your visiting guests can sleep in, if they so choose.  Complement your bed cover with a color or design that ties the room together.  Intensify the effect by adding large pillows in the same pattern or color.

A contrasting, comfy throw laid across the foot of the bed completes the look and creates the sense that you’ve prepared your guest bedroom for your beloved guests with care.

It’s the little things that make your guests feel at home, so be creative and create a relaxing environment which embraces and welcomes.

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