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How to Find the Right Traditional Sofa

Traditional SofaAre you thinking about changing up your living room? Do you want to get rid of your old sofa and replace it with a luxury couch that makes the room feel more like yours?

Or maybe you’re moving and want a complete redesign with the types of sofas you have ever looked at in the past?

Then you may want to look into getting a traditional sofa!

What is a traditional sofa, what makes it ‘traditional’, and how can you find one that best fits your needs? Read below and get all of your answers!

What Is a Traditional Sofa?

If you believe that you need a specific type of furniture in your home, specifically a traditional sofa, you need to know what you are looking at.

When thinking about a traditional sofa, you are going to be looking at more classic furniture that originated in Europe back in the 1600s. Although this style is over 400 years old, it is still a style that many people go for because of the vibe it gives off.

This well-crafted furniture has intricate designs that often come across as a sign of wealth and status.

So, traditional sofas typically have ornate detailing, curved arms, gold accents, darker wood legs, and potentially even curved legs on the couch. 

Elements of a Traditional Sofa

Traditional sofas have specific elements that set them apart from other types of furniture. Here are a few of the most important elements that make a traditional sofa.

Different Types of Wood Finishes 

Traditional wood colors tend to gravitate toward walnut, cherry, mahogany, and oak. These traditional wood colors are richer than other types of wood. This is because it adds to the warmth of a room and creates more of a luxurious feel.

Ornate Detailing

Not only do traditional sofas have richer tones, but they also have ornate detailing. This means that instead of just a solid wood leg, the leg may have a curve to it. Not only that, but it may also have plush accents on it in gold tones or other metals like brass, bronze, and copper to add to the already beautiful style.

The sofa may be relatively big in comparison to more modern sofa styles as well, and the cushions on the sofa will be larger as well. This is what accommodates all of the ornate detailing and accents on the sofa.


The traditional sofa is all about luxury. When you think of old-timey luxury, you probably think of old European castles with Velvet furniture. That is exactly what luxury sofas have in the traditional realm.

There is nothing about a traditional sofa that will come across as boring!

Adding Pillows With Patterns 

When thinking about your sofa, it’s not just the sofa that matters. The pillows that go on it also do.

Adding pillows with different patterns and textures (and possibly even colors) will keep you with the traditional style. This addition to the couch will have everyone’s eyes moving toward this point in the room! 


The traditional style calls for symmetry. This means that where you place your furniture is key. Unlike a modern couch that can look good in all different areas of a living room, a traditional couch needs to be placed in a more formal arrangement in the center of the room.

Tips to Choose the Right Traditional Sofa for Your Home

If you are trying to find the best sofas for your home, you need to consider the following tips to make sure you are getting the best types of sofas for your house. From the detailing to the color, you have a lot of things to think about.

Size of the Living Room

When thinking about what type of traditional sofa you want to get for your living room, you have to think about the size.

You don’t want to get a large sofa that takes up most of the room in the living room. Instead, it needs to be proportionate and symmetrical to the walls and the space itself.

Colors for the Sofa and Room

If you are simply replacing your old couch and furniture, you should stick with similar colors that work with the paint on the walls that you already have.

However, if you are completely redoing the room or moving, you have so many color options! You’ll want to stick with colors that work with traditional furniture, though.

Adding Pillows and Accents

When adding pillows and accents, think about textures and patterns that you already have present in the space. You should also consider what colors and textures you believe will make the couch the focal point of the room.

Then, add those to it!

Consider Your Other Furniture

You also need to consider the other furniture you have in the space. When looking for a traditional sofa, you need to ensure that it doesn’t clash with everything else you already have in your space.

Choose the Best Traditional Sofa

When it comes time for you to choose the best traditional sofa for your needs, you need to take these tips into account. And once you do that, you’re ready to make the purchase!

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