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Choosing Bar Stools

Bar Stools have become an essential item in the home. They are a perfect addition to the counter top or island that is found in the kitchen. Instead of using the formality of the dining room, bar stools by the kitchen island bring a casual, fun atmosphere between family members and friends alike. Its a great place to do many activities, keep someone company while cooking, and bring an inviting feeling. For this reason choosing the perfect bar stool for your needs is essential in maintaining this fun environment in your home.

There are four considerations to keep in mind when picking the perfect bar stool:


There are three types of bar stools in this category; counter, bar, and spectator stools. Counter is the shortest measuring 24-26 inches and they are meant to be placed by a standard height counter. Bar Stools are slightly taller at 30 inches and are meant to accommodate counters that are around 40 inches in height. Finally, spectator stools are the tallest standing at 34-36 inches and paired with 48 inch tall counters. Depending on the space and counter that you possess will determine which stool height is perfect for your needs


bar stools

Domus Design Bongo Bar stool

Now that you have the height of the bar stool in mind, will it be a fixed height? Whether you want to use the stool in other locations or personal comfort, being able to control the height and the mobility of the stool is an important factor. Maybe the new house you move to has a different counter height that doesn’t match up with your current stools. Or maybe the stool is too low or high for people of different statures. Regardless of the reason, being able to adjust the height should be taken into consideration. The amount of mobility it possesses is also important. A swivel can also make it easier to move around the counter and reach for things, opposed to a fixed bar stool.


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Domus Desgin John Bar Stool

Now that you’ve determined the height and mobility, picking the finish so that it matches your surroundings and any future surroundings is next. Do you want a more traditional look? Then a wood bar stool with leather or fabrics is right for you. If you are looking for something  more modern, a different medium or the mixture of mediums may be ideal. Stainless steel is perfect if you want a more modern look but adding wood into the design can also make it inviting. Whether it be traditional, modern, rustic, or vintage  there are multiple styles of bar stools that will complement your home.


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Domus Design Marsiglia Bar Stool

Lastly, since you and your family members will often use this furniture while in the kitchen comfort is everything. Your own comfort level, children or the elderly should all be taken into consideration; who will be using the bar stools? A backless stool offers a minimalist approach but can be uncomfortable if your looking for extra support. Some stools are also designed with armrests for added comfort but may also damage the counters if the height isn’t correct. Finally, the most important aspect of comfort: make sure to check if the bar stool you’re considering has a proper foot rest.

With these four factors in mind you’re sure to find the perfect bar stool that meets all your needs while maintaining the style that you want in your home.