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The language of modernity, with Diemme furniture.

The language of modernity is unique in the epochs of mankind.  Where once a chair offered respite for honored guests, reflected in ornate styling, the modern chair is a where form and function meet in harmony.

Particularly in an office setting, the contemporary function of the chair must align with standards dictated by ergonomics, design and durability.

Founded in the 1990s, Diemme furniture focuses on this modern interpretation of seating which speaks to imperatives of comfort, style and long-lasting quality.  This is seating for our times, with a focus on safety, smart design and eye appeal, blended in harmony.

Diemme’s young designers look to modernity itself for their inspiration, taking their cue from the rapid pace of technological change and the 21st’ Century’s digital reality.

Led by award-winning designer, Stefano Sandona, they’re informed by the architectural impulse and its relationship to the human body.  Their mission and philosophy is to create furniture which boldly declares style as a necessary aspect of function.

Bold new design directions.

At Michelangelo, you’ll find the best of all worlds.  At the first and only Italian Design Center in the United States of America, we bring you all the epochs of Italian design, from distant echoes of Imperial Rome to the Renaissance, to bold new design directions, like those of Diemme.

With 12 of Italy’s most coveted furniture collections here in our showroom and warehouse, professionals in the Trade are treated to a world of potential.  Whenever you’re seeking furniture exclusively from Italy, you’re looking for its mecca in the USA – Michelangelo Designs.

Retailers, architects, real estate developers and interior designers all find what they’re looking for at Michelangelo, because we don’t stop at the catalogue.  We extend it with 1,000 textile choices, including a range of rich leathers and lustrous woods.

Your creativity comes out to play at Michelangelo Designs, where the only limitation is your imagination.  With endless possibilities all under one roof, you’re able to offer your discerning clientele a unique vision and one-of-kind creations that mesh with their lifestyles.

The common, cured.

Your world is no place for the mundane, or common.  That’s why Michelangelo cures the common and meets the mundane head on with the supreme luxury of Italian design and the flexibility of customization.

Whether for work or pleasure, interior environments are yours to elevate with the aesthetic functionality of Diemme’s unique design vision, created for modern living.  Michelangelo is proud to bring this internationally-recognized design house to the USA, exclusively for our colleagues and friends in the Trade.

A world of inspiration.

At Michelangelo Designs, Trade professionals find a world of inspiration, imported direct from Italy.  With the diversity of customization here at their fingertips, they’re given a creative edge not found elsewhere.

Trade professionals are invited to schedule an appointment.  Inspiration awaits.

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