Dellarovere Furniture

dellarovere furniture
  • Founded :
  • Factory: Montelabbate
  • Style: Office Furniture

A cure for the common workspace – Dellarovere Furniture.

Of all the resources an enterprise has, it’s the human resource which is the most precious.  Workspaces which honor this reality with functional elegance are those on the leading edge.  When human resources are provided with working environments which speak not only of business, but of sophisticated comfort, they’re encouraged to reach higher.

Over 30 years, Dellarovere has become an influential name in the world of office and contract workspace furnishings.  With innovative corporate practices which bring their select clientele consistency and quality, Dellarovere has distinguished itself as an international brand.

A leader in the sector, Dellarovere furniture compliments its unique approach to the contemporary workspace with a commitment to excellence and an ongoing dedication to innovation.

Find it at Michelangelo.

The cure for the common workspace is as easy as a visit to Michelangelo Designs.  The first and only Italian Design Center in the USA offers retailers, architects, interior designers and real estate developers only the most acclaimed design houses of Italy.

In our expansive warehouse and showroom, you’ll find Italy’s best.  It’s here that Trade professionals discover a dozen of Italy’s most sought-after furniture brands, assembled under one roof.

But we don’t stop there.  We offer professionals in the Trade customization, with 1,000 fabric selections, including rich leathers and lustrous, exotic woods.  That diversity offers our friends in the Trade Italian quality and endless possibilities for one-of-kind design pieces to satisfy their discerning clientele.

Enjoy your work.

Work you love is central to living well and Dellarovere invites the modern workspace to become an environment that adds sophisticated design to loving what you do for a living.

For office spaces and ateliers, home workspaces and studios, Dellarovere brings an edge of Italian sophistication to your working day.

Reception areas that mean business, while signalling cool sophistication.  Partitions which re-create and re-define your workspace.  Seating which fuses ergonomic practicality with modern elegance.  All these are expressions of Dellarovere’s mastery of the form.

Come cure the common.

Human resources are the pillar of all business concerns.  Comfort, functionality and beauty all conspire in workspace design to create the perfect environment for success.

With Michelangelo’s exclusive collections, you’re granted access to a universe of possibilities for interiors which transcends the common, curing it with the elegance and quality of the Italian aesthetic.

Dellarovere furniture is just the beginning when you work with Michelangelo Designs.  We bring you the full depth and breadth of Italy’s legendary style and luxury, in its most acclaimed furniture designers.

We invite professionals in the Trade to book an appointment.  Come cure the common with the endless variety of Italian design and our unique model for bringing your clients exceptional vision and innovation.  Be empowered by the diversity you’ll find here.

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