Carpanelli Furniture

Carpanelli Furniture
  • Founded: 1919
  • Factory: Desio
  • Styles: Transitional

Carpanelli – the fine art of home furnishings.

Since 1919, Carpanelli has been bringing the fine art of home furnishings to interiors of distinction. Founded by Giuseppe Carpanelli, the brand is distinguished by its dedication to the highest level of craftmanship.

Employing traditional inlay crafted from exquisite, rare woods, Carpanelli furniture is sought after for its finely-detailed furnishings and commitment to offering the world’s most compellingly beautiful hand-crafted artistry.

Once upon a time.

With Carpanelli, once upon a time is now.  With exotic, precious woods, Carpanelli’s artists create inlaid furniture with exacting craftsmanship, to the highest standard.  This is the level of work most people believe is a thing of the past.

Imagine mother of pearl, precious gemstones and metal elements incorporated into unique pieces of graceful, classically-informed furniture design.  This is the world of Carpanelli, spun from the gifts of the earth and human ingenuity, to create the art of living for elegant interiors.

Carpanelli Furniture at Michelangelo.

For professionals in the Trade, Michelangelo hosts Italy’s finest furniture brands at the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA.  Retailers, architects, real estate developers and interior designers will find inspiration in our exclusive collection of Italy’s most acclaimed furniture design houses.

The sophistication and high-level craftsmanship of Carpanelli is here in our expansive showroom and warehouse.  Delight in the elegant curve of a curio cabinet.  Discover the luxury of a dining table, finely inlaid by the hands of master craftsmen.  At Michelangelo, we open the door to this renowned creator of Italy’s most sought-after furniture.

Curing the common.

There’s nothing common about Carpanelli furniture.  Michelangelo cures the common by bringing Trade professionals a universe of diversity, realized in our range of textiles, lustrous leathers and rare woods. To Carpanelli’s artistry, we add your design vision.

With over 1,000 fabric selections, your discerning clients are served with the exclusivity of customization.  As a Trade professional, you’re able to make their dreams reality, with the flexibility of Michelangelo Designs’ creative design playground.

Discovering Michelangelo is like stumbling on hidden treasure, with endless possibilities to bring your interiors the unique luxury of customized, Italian furniture.  Building on Carpanelli’s internationally-recognized quality and craftsmanship, we push your design vision to the next level – that of your individual clients’ fondest desires.

Carpanelli – synonymous with refinement.

For almost 100 years, the name Carpanelli has been associated with the most advanced craftmanship and artistry in furniture design.  Their mission is to create works of art that amplify interior spaces with a whisper of a past that’s yet present in their painstakingly realized furniture design.

We invite Trade professionals to contact us to schedule an appointment.  With Michelangelo, you’ll find a universe of potential, drawing on Italy’s most celebrated designers of fine furniture.

Come discover the cure for the common at Michelangelo Designs.

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