3 Lessons to Uphold in Choosing Living Room Furniture Designs

The living room is that part of the house where homeowners really get to create an impression. It’s typically that area in the home where everyone is welcomed and entertained. Because this particular space is opened up to both residents and guests, designing it beautifully and with logical function in mind is a true must.

It goes without saying that for living rooms, you should go with the style that you want. Displaying your personal style is easy, but, to prevent the room from getting too cluttered, it’s crucial to learn some foolproof decorating lessons that will help you determine the best living room furniture designs that will work with the amount of space you have and the function you wish to get out of the room.

  1. Think of whether you want the room to look expansive or cozy.
  • If you’re aiming for the illusion of a really big room, or you want to highlight how big the room is, choosing “linear” pieces will achieve the look. Not only do they fit against walls and corners easily, but they also create smooth, straight lines. Now, if you’re looking to create a cozy room, bulky pieces such as thick couches with plump pillows and armchairs, round coffee tablesand layered pieces can create a room that seems like it wants to hug you.
  1. Think versatility and portability.
  • Ottomans, chests and benches are things of beauty that are easy to move around the room and will allow you to change the function of the space in no time. Ottomans can serve as tea tables, substitutes for coffee tables, and of course, seating. It’s the same thing for chests and benches, with chests serving as storage units as well.
  1. Think multiple functions.
  • This isn’t just about not limiting the piece of furniture to its original use, but also about really finding pieces that are designed to perform different functions. It’s just like the origami-inspired furniture that can open and close to create a different shape so they can be used in new, different ways. There are cabinets whose doors can become tables, chests with a remote controlled mechanism to store and display a home theater system, couches that can double as beds for guests with built-in storage for bedding, and others. Having these pieces of furniture in your possession will work to your advantage if you have a small home and your living space needs to be maximized and transformed into a different room during certain occasions.
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