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Use Color to Help Your Dining Room Furniture Stand Out

If there’s one thing that can be said about contemporary design trends, it’s that color is back and bigger than ever.  White walls are giving way to glorious exclamations of vibrant color in every room of the home.  Even hotel properties are getting in on the color action, with many properties embracing the trend to give their accommodations a personalized touch of design panache.

In the world of design, it’s color that really winnows the conventional from the superlative.  When wisely deployed, it can create from the banal something truly sublime.

This post is all about how you can use color to help your dining room furniture stand out.  If you’ve invested in a high-end dining table and chairs, a buffet, or other fine furnishings, then the last thing you want is for it not to be noticed.

That’s why color is your friend.

red dining room

Color is now

We’ve written about Maximalist design here before.  It’s huge right now.  And you can bring it into your dining room to create the ideal environment for your stunning dining room furniture, making it the undisputed start of the show.

Ultra Violet is Pantone’s color of the year.  Upholster your dining room seating in this color and match it with a floral centerpiece that sets the scene.  Or use it on the walls to create a backdrop for your elegant furnishings.

Choose a deep, warm version of the color to envelop your guests in the cozy delights of a meal with friends, as your dining room furniture takes center stage.

Or choose Black Flame (that sensuous marriage of black and navy blue) for contrast and theatricality, with ultra violet upholstery popping against this enigmatic backdrop.


Color isn’t just for upholstery and walls.  Color can be used to place your dining room furniture at the heart of the action, by selecting artwork that does the job.

Now that you’ve got the walls painted and the chairs upholstered, choose art that’s both bold and which creates a tension between the color or colors you’ve chosen.  Your art should bring everything else in the room into focus, while creating conversational opportunities to keep your dinner party lively.

Cluster artwork around a theme or color scheme.  Choose frames that compliment your furnishings, while allowing them to shine.

patchwork chair in colors

Table settings

Table settings demand your attention, when you’re seeking to create an ambience of hospitality and sensual enjoyment around your dining table.

Choose settings which either contrast or blend with your table top (depending on the effect you’re seeking).  Layer that effect to intensify it with elegant chargers and full table settings in contrasting colors and unusual patterns.

A mix of bold, solid colors and lively geometric or floral patterns in an intentional table setting is another trend you’ll want to play with.

Color is a gift.  It brings another dimension of beauty to interior design and yet another way to customize spaces and express the homeowner’s taste and lifestyle.  We recommend applying it liberally.

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