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Types Of Italian Tables For Your Home

Michelangelo Designs explains different types of Italian tables for your home.

Michelangelo Designs, Italian tablesBuying furniture in general can be overwhelming. From having to decide from living room furniture, furniture for two bedrooms and dining room furniture, can create great panic. Looking through catalogs both in store and online makes it even worse. The most common mistake homeowner’s make is buying unnecessary pieces of furniture just because someone else has it in their home. In this article we cut through the noise and explain the different types of Italian tables for your home.

One of the top issues you may face is assuming that you need any type of table to furnish your home. Actually, there are a lot of different styles of Italian tables, each with their own respective function. It’s easy to look for a kitchen table and of course we already know its function but what about all of the rest of the tables? We have excellent Italian tables, console tables, side tables etc. then what exactly are their function and how many styles are there?

To be fair and to make it easier for you, pick a table that suits your needs and your decor as well. The small guy will help you learn the different styles of tables and their overall function. To dress your living room area the first category we have is the coffee table. The coffee table usually lives in front of a couch and it’s used to serve food or drinks.

On a smaller scale we have accent tables.

Accent tables can have various shapes but most of them are on the small scale of things since they are mostly just there for display. Moving on to bigger tables we have the consul table. Console tables are usually placed on the entryway or if they are narrow enough maybe place behind a sofa for extra storage.

Next we have the side table.

This type of table is placed on the side of the sofa, providing extra room for a drink or lamp. For a more modern look we have the sea table. It’s a unique table because of its sea shape, which allows it to swivel around or a couch or bed. Nesting tables also have become extremely popular and contemporary homes. This type of table has many smaller tables that easily fit together or can be spread out. For a more expensive look we have the ottoman table. This style of table has dual purpose serving us a table and footrest.

Apart from the living room we have the dining area.

The dining area is the home for the dining table which is mostly used for a large number of people to sit down and eat. But if large is not your forte we have a kitchen table. The kitchen table lives in (you guessed it) in the kitchen. It is designed to be used daily for either meals, crafts or work.

Moving up to the bedroom area

In the bedroom, we have the nightstand also known as the bedside table. Bedside tables are used to keep important items in place within arm’s reach from the bed. We cannot forget about outside furniture either like patio tables. This type of table is designed for different elements outdoors.

We have a lot of Italian tables to choose from so choose wisely and keep in mind functionality. Create a list of the furniture you need versus the furniture you want. With a little compromising there’s no doubt you’ll furnish your home in style in no time. Contact us today for a tour of our showroom.