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Transitional: Balance Between Styles

Are you interested in modern furnishings but find the style too sleek and clean? Are traditional furnishings too lavish in its use of pattern and color for your taste? Transitional furniture may be for you!

If you find elements of each style something that you would like to implement in your space but don’t want to go to either extremes, meeting in the middle may be ideal for you.

Transitional style takes the best of both worlds and combines it into one. If you like the sleek appearance of modern style but still want to include patterns and texture without overdoing it, this style can suit your needs. Transitional style focuses on warm neutral colors such as beige, gray, taupe, tan and includes small touches of varying patterns. There is often a mix of patterns, textures, and lines. This style includes enough to make your space look polished without losing its inviting atmosphere.

transitional armchairsFor example this Butterfly Armchair by Opera Contemporary (left) is a perfect example of a transitional style. The unique design of the armchair separates it from a traditional style but the curvature of the backrest removes it from a solely modern approach. The color of the armchair also brings it into a more transitional style. The warm neutral color creates a relaxing atmosphere. It is sophisticated but also inviting, meeting in between two opposing styles.

transitional armchairThe Faust Armchair by Opera Contemporary (right) again presents a transitional style but expressed in a different manner. Although this armchair has more edges and straight lines, the qualities of a transitional style are still there. The straight lines are of a modern style but to add warmth to the armchair it also has some curves running down the sides. This small detail makes the piece less rigid and sleek, giving it a comfortable look. The color also influences the atmosphere, a warm light gray evoking a transitional appearance.

Lastly this Kiton Sofa from Domus Design (bottom left) is another example of transitional furniture. Like the other examples mentioned above this sofa possess a neutral tone that creates an inviting atmosphere. It does have some strong horizontal and vertical lines but not overly so where it becomes too polished. It has a modern tone because of the shape but the color and texture give it an inviting feeling.
transitional sofa
Overall if you want a style that has a clean approach but still want to maintain a warm, inviting environment transitional style may be for you. There are a variety of patterns, textures, and pieces that you can incorporate without clashing with one another. Rather it creates a soothing, elegant environment.