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Tips For Setting Up Your Living Room Furniture

You’re deeply invested in your home, so you care about the impression visitors get, but you also need the comfort we all associate with being at home.  Your personal space should create an environment which divides your working life from your down time.

We’ve collected these tips for setting up your living room furniture to demystify the fine art of furniture placement.  These are some time-honored tricks for making your living space as beautiful as it is comfortable.

Measure it first.

Well before you purchase investment pieces, you need to know what you’re working with.  Size matters in the realm of creating an attractive living area.  Knowing how much space you have will help govern your plans.

The size of your space is also useful information to have in hand when discussing potential pieces, like sofas and loveseats.  Knowing the size of your space is instructive.  Measure the piece and then ask yourself if it won’t either overwhelm your space, or seem lost in it.

Create interest with varying sizes.

Your living room should be comfortable.  That doesn’t mean it’s all about overstuffed, oversized couches.  One of these is great, but vary the size of pieces to create interest and texture in the space.  Arrange your living room around a focal point, like a fireplace, or even a large table.

cozy living room

An area rug under the principle furnishings creates an anchored appearance, unifying all the room’s elements and making them speak to each other, both in terms of form and function.

Making your space work.

You may think of your living room as a difficult space, but the only thing difficult about it is your conception of what it can do.

A long, narrow living room can be balanced by breaking it up into distinct areas.  Angle a sofa across part of the room, making it a divider between areas, while still leaving space for people to move around.

living room with smaller white couch and small table

In the other section of your room, create a zone for a specific activity, like watching television or movies.  Use pieces which relate to one another in their respective zones.  Again, employ area rugs which anchor and define your zones.

Shake it up.

Your home is your own.  Your rules apply.  Therefore, it’s perfectly viable to shake it up to create a living room which conforms to your taste and is aesthetically pleasing.

Instead of traditional arrangements and pieces, use shelving to create focal points and signal comfort.  Books and décor pieces can be placed on these, but they also help to define areas in larger rooms (as we’ve talked about above).

wall unit with a lamp and books on it

Use your walls, but remember that furniture needn’t be against a wall.  It can float two feet in front of it.  Use art which is both meaningful to you and creates color interest to intensify the effect this creates.

While the space may be large, leaving room between large articles of furniture and your walls creates a sense of depth, which brings dimension into the room.

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