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Tips to Cozy Up Your Master Bedroom

A master bedroom is your sanctuary from the world.  It’s a small paradise of serenity you need only leave to replenish yourself with a cold drink or a snack.

It’s a given that bedrooms should be cozy, especially master bedrooms.  Master bedrooms, though, can be a bit of a trick to pull off, as they tend to be larger spaces.  So, following are some of our time-honored tips to cozy up your master bedroom, to make it feel as warm and inviting as it should.

White bedroom

Sensual design.

Appealing to the senses is key to designing a cozy master bedroom.  Layering textures which speak of warmth and comfort makes all the difference.

This can extend to your walls.  Why settle for paint, when you can create a warm, relaxing environment with wall coverings which incorporate texture?  The return of wallpaper is an opportunity for those seeking to cozy up their bedroom spaces.  Flocking and other textured designs create a tranquil setting to set off the room.

Choose fabrics for pillows and comforters which are rich and speak directly to your personal aesthetic.  This room is for your enjoyment.  Take that seriously and turn to sensual design which appeals to all your senses.

bedroom with Butterfly bed

Sumptuous living.

Even the aesthetic minimalists among us will have to concede that the master bedroom is the ideal place to splurge.

Whatever your tastes run to, creating a sense of pampering is what master bedrooms are for.  This is not some anonymous hotel room.  This is your sanctuary.

The master bath should, therefore, be equipped with towels and other necessities that make you feel nurtured and spoiled.  Bath products should be placed in attractive décor containers, making them seem even more special.

Your bed can be piled with attractive accent cushions which complement the room’s overall décor, adding contrast, additional texture and luxurious detail.

bedroom with lighting

Subdued lighting.

If the thought of a high wattage bulb in the master bedroom gives you the shivers, you’re not alone.  We agree that lighting in the master bedroom should be subdued, subtle and comforting.

That may mean soft white bulbs with a low wattage, or recessed lighting which is adjustable at the push of a button.  It may also mean classical bedside table lamps, their light reflected gently off mirrors suspended on the wall behind them.

The lighting you choose for your master bedroom needs to enhance the sense of warmth we seek in these hallowed citadels of rest, sleep and relaxation.

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