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The Euro is Down, Americans Can Buy Italian Furniture for Historically Low Prices

With the Euro coming down to historically low levels, lower than the original inception of the Euro, Americans can afford the finest Italian products like never before. When the Euro was originally released in 2004, it was valued at $1.20 USD, however it jumped up to as high as $1.58. Even over the course of the past 12 months it was as high as $1.39, but a developing crisis in Greece coupled with a strong American Dollar has given buyers an opportunity they have not yet had: to buy European goods for cheap. Even traveling to Europe is affordable now, after a recent 20% drop in currency value against the US Dollar.

This means that the high quality items from French wines to Italian furniture are roughly 20% lower price than they were one year ago today. Michelangelo Designs is at the forefront of the Italian resurgence as our brands have an opportunity to excel under these current global financial conditions.

Italy remains at the forefront of both the fashion and interior design worlds, renowned for its innovations, quality, and workmanship, Italy continues to rely on these two exports, and Michelangelo Designs is proud to carry 100% of Italy’s best export.