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Stylish Dining Room Colors and Combinations

Color is the name of the interior design game these days.  For too long relegated to the back burner, color has again surged to the forefront as a crucial component of home décor.

Stylish dining room colors and combinations run the gamut from super-saturated to subtle this year, but if one thing’s for sure, color’s in your immediate future if you’re design-conscious.

Let’s take a stroll through some contemporary colors and combinations.  Be inspired!

A Palette for Your Palate

Finding the right color or combination of colors for your dining room is down to personal style, mostly.  But you should also consider the affect certain colors have on you and your guests, as you dine.

Color can have a profound effect on the way you feel.  We know this and color in your dining room should factor in the effect it has on the psychology of those who’ve gathered to break bread.

For example, orange tones are known to stimulate your appetite, while red aids in digestion and supports a warm, welcoming environment.

The emotional landscape of your guests can be affected by the color or colors you choose – important to keep in mind.

The Greater Environment

Where you live will most probably inform your color choices.  If your home is in a region known for long winters with short days, your dining room might reflect that by choosing a shade that enlivens and welcomes.

Various yellows are always a good choice, especially for dining rooms which are interior spaces with no windows.  A French Provincial shade of yellow with white trim and Wedgewood blue furniture and other décor items, takes on the airiness of spring in the French countryside.

Deeper shades needn’t be oppressive, either.  Paprika is a red-brick shade which, while warm and nurturing, is spicy enough to add levity to any room.  Turquoise décor elements pair well with this color and can be brought onto the table with place settings, chargers and even glass wear.

dining room Oblique

Maximalist Themes

It’s impossible to talk about color right now without touching on the single most important design trend of recent years – Maximalism.  Where Minimalism forwarded an almost antiseptic aesthetic, Maximalism throws open the windows and lets in the fresh air of self-expression and bold strokes of color.

Maximalism is all about who you are, so choose shades which complement each other, but still provide sufficient contrast.  The trend to a lacquered finish on walls is something Maximalism wholeheartedly embraces.

Why not lacquer a feature wall in Chinese red, papering other walls with something lush and monochromatic.  Geometrics are a key feature in Maximalist interiors, so don’t be shy.  Just add feature lighting over the table and massive flower arrangements and watch your guests’ jaws drop.

The point here is that white is no longer the default.  In fact, it seems rather boring when you’ve invited over a group of friends for a great meal and scintillating conversation.

Shouldn’t your dining room be as fascinating as your guests?

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