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Sofa Beds

If you frequently have family or friends visiting your home a sofa bed is definitely needed. There is nothing worse than making last minute arrangements or sleeping on a regular sofa. For this reason looking into sofa beds is your best bet! Having just the right one can make all the difference when you have guests over.

Some things to consider before purchasing:

  1. Keep in mind that sofa beds are generally more expensive than a typical sofa.
  2. Sofa beds are usually firmer than regular sofas because of the added support
  3. Size. What size would be better for your home.
  4. Mattress: Memory, Innerspring, Air-coil

Some of our top picks for made in Italy, leather and fabric options for sofa beds include:

sofa beds

Sweet Sofa Bed

sofa beds

Francine Sofa Bed

sofa beds

cecilia sofa bed

If you prefer contemporary Italian furniture these options are perfect for your needs. You provide an option for your guests and also have high end furniture. This fine furniture comes in an array of leather and fabric options. So you can still have living room furniture that matches the rest of your home while also having an extra bed for guests.