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Making the Best of a Small Space With Your Modern Bedroom Furniture

Small spaces are a decorating and design challenge that’s being met by savvy design professionals with innovative solutions.

Making the best of a small space with your modern bedroom furniture may sound like a tall order, but when you approach it intelligently, it’s doable.

There are so many luxury brands addressing small spaces with adaptable design.  Modern bedroom furniture takes in account the challenges of small spaces, with space-saving solutions made elegant for your bedroom – your sanctuary from the world.

Now you see it.

A small space needn’t appear cramped.  Modern bedroom furniture solutions include elegant answers to the time-honored Murphy bed, once a staple for many homes.

wall unit bed system

Today, the Murphy bed has been re-visioned.  By day, it’s a stylish bookcase, with a small, fold-down writing desk.  By night, it’s a bed, with little trace your workspace was ever there.

Some modern furniture designers are finding similar ways of tucking away your sleeping space by day, by creating attractive, space-conforming furniture that does double duty.

But if your bed stays in place during the day, shouldn’t it be doing double duty, anyways?  In a small space, it must.  Beds which create storage beneath the mattress are becoming a staple of manufacturers of modern bedroom furniture, making of platform beds stealthy places to stash valuables, or just a spare set of sheets, pillows and an extra comforter.

pretty modern bedroom and woman putting a pillow under the mattress

Suspended animation.

When space is limited, creativity is demanded.  That’s why modern designers are answering the space challenge with items like suspended bedside tables.  Requiring no base, these hang from the ceiling, creating an airy illusion of additional space on either side of the bed.

Floating shelves are another trend.  Instead of traditional shelving, these can be affixed to walls, requiring minimal space for decorative items, books and other bedroom necessities.

Without the requirement for a footprint which eats available space, suspension and space-saving shelving solutions create the sense that you have more than enough room to move.

The return of the slipper chair.

The classic slipper chair is armless, which means it commands far less space than the traditional armchair.  While many don’t believe that chairs belong in the bedroom, who doesn’t like to sit down to put on their socks?

white slipper chair

The slipper chair answers this need, while presenting a sleek, stylish accent for smaller bedrooms.  Tucked in the corner, or as part of a compact vanity, the slipper chair is making a comeback for those with limited space, even doubling as a chair for a workspace.

Wardrobes exposed.

When space is at a premium, the doors come off.  Exposed wardrobes are a trend which allows your bedroom to feature an expansive storage space for clothing and shoes, while eliminating the need for a door.

A wardrobe door can make a small space seem even smaller.  You may find you’ll want to be less cavalier about the way you store your clothing items, but isn’t that a good thing?

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