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Selecting a Console Table

Console tables add a certain charm to any home. Instead of having an empty hall way, a console table adds personality. They make homes warm and inviting while also being functional. Whether used for storage or to make sure you never misplace your keys, they can have several functions in your home. Decorating your hall or foyer with a console table is sure to have a welcoming feel. Don’t have a hallway or foyer? No  problem! It will still be a great addition to your home, regardless of size.


traditional gold console table

Silik Console with Marble Top & Frame with Mirror

The style that you choose will then effect the mood you have in your home. If you have more traditional furnishings, a traditional style console will be best. This way your style and personality come through even in hallways. This console table by Silik perfectly shows the mood in this space. The traditional style is showcased through the color and shapes. The gold shows elegance while the curves are reminiscent of the Baroque era. To really tie the whole look together, the console table is decorated with items. The chair matches perfectly and continues to show a traditional  look. Adding the mirror and the lights brings the focus to this space. The items placed on the table bring everything together and keeps it simple.


transitional colorful console table

Domus Design

For what purpose do you want a console table? Storage, for your keys or mail, or simply to decorate your hallway? Regardless of the reason finding the right one for your needs is simple.  Consider this console table by Domus Design. The space underneath the table offers a place for storage. You can also store some extra seating tucked away for when you need it. If extra storage is not needed, consider it an area that you can decorate. Include some sculptures or some other decorative elements beneath the table. This table has some traditional traits, like the legs, but does not entirely follow a traditional form. The striped, bright colors add a touch of modernity but does not look out of order with the legs. Those who are interested in traditional but want a pop of modernity should consider a table like this.

There are many ways to include a console table in your environment. Whether it be traditional, modern, or something in between it will create a more inviting home. Since it is one of the first things you see when you enter a home, your personality is sure to come through.