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Sectionals: Guide Before Purchasing

Sectionals are perfect if you are working with limited space. Don’t have room for a sofa and love seat? Sectionals not only provide enough seating but take up less space than two separate living room pieces. If you simply want to break away from the traditional sofa and love seat, sectionals are a fun alternative. Regardless of the size of the room, there are various sizes and styles that you can choose from. While having plenty of options can be a good thing there are also some drawbacks to this. The amount of configurations that they come in can be overwhelming. This guide will help you get familiar with sectionals and which one could potentially be for you!


iris sectionals

Ego Italiano Iris

Sectionals come in multiple pieces, usually two or three. There is RAF (right arm facing) and LAF (left arm facing) knowing the difference between the two is essential. Since you will be combining pieces making sure that you have the correct ones is important. You will want the pieces to fit together nicely, to make sure it suits your room. There are various combinations that you can chose from. Ranging from love seats, sofas, chaises, or one seat corners if you want the extra piece. With all of these possibilities it is important to figure out which ones would be best as RAF or LAF. The size that you choose mixed with which side you want the arm all depends of the living room your working with. Those that have smaller living rooms, you can still include a sectional. It’s all about knowing which pieces you need and what to pair them with so that it fits in your space. For smaller rooms pairing a love seat and a chaise is ideal.

Rounded or Corner

porter sectionals

Domus Design Porter Sofa

If you do not want to place a sectional in the corner you can opt to get a rounded one. The upside to a rounded sectional is that it can seat multiple people comfortably. The downside is that these pieces take up more room. So unless you have a large living room that can comfortably house a rounded sectional you may want to stick with angled pieces. Other issues to keep in mind is the square corner seat. Your family members or guests probably won’t be too excited to sit in this corner. Consider a different configuration so that everyone is seated comfortably. Three sided sectionals are also an option, although they do require a little bit more space. Double chaises are also good for accommodating plenty of people. The center can have two, three,  or four seats while being flanked by the chaises.  Of course it also helps to have a sectional that can be adjusted. Each person will be able to sit comfortably without disrupting someone besides them.

I hope this guide makes learning about sectionals and which one is right for you easier. There may be a lot of configurations to choose from but research and planning will make this simpler.