How a Sectional Sofa Can Make for a Happier Home

You’re at home, relaxing.  It’s time for some Netflix and chill, so you and your significant other eye the one sofa in the room.  You’re both gauging your chances of occupying it for the duration of your movie night.

Someone is not going to be very happy!

This is how a sectional sofa can make for a happier home – by providing ample space for everyone to enjoy an evening’s viewing in complete comfort.  Nobody gets the short end of the stick, when you have a sectional sofa, you see.

But there’s more than one way to have a happier home with a sectional sofa.

Sparking quality conversations.

With the right sectional unit in place, you and your guests can enjoy an intimate setting which precludes calling out to each other across the room.  You’re all nestled comfortably on the sectional, making quality conversations natural.

You can configure a sectional sofa to meet this need, creating an area which is conducive to relaxed entertaining and special moments shared with family and friends.

sectional sofa

Re-creating the open plan living room.

With open floor plans dominating so much of the home architectural market, sectional sofas are coming into their own.

By positioning a sectional strategically, you can create a transition in your great room which signals an intentionally created area, where you relax and enjoy quality time.

Open floor plan spaces require strong anchors which provide transitional markers.  The larger the floor space, the stronger the anchor should be.  A large area rug under your sectional and accompanying furniture is a statement that says “coziness”.

sectional sofa

Not written in stone.

At Michelangelo, one of our favorite features of the sectional sofa is its versatility.  The right sectional can be modified to change with your vision of the room it’s in.  With time, you may want to create something different and sectionals allow you to do that with ease.

Especially for growing families, contemporary sectional sofas answer the need for comfort, versatility and elegance.  But it’s in their versatility and ability to be customized, that some of their greatest appeal lies.

Sectional sofas are having a moment in our era of large living spaces, demanding pieces which anchor living areas and create a sense of comfort and relaxation.

The sectional is also a striking alternative to the classical sofa.  That’s especially true when Trade professionals come to Michelangelo to discover our range of sectionals to fulfill their design visions.

sectional sofa

Michelangelo Designs.

At Michelangelo Designs, we know that Trade professionals seek out sources of inspiration.  With discerning clients to satisfy, professionals in the Trade need something that cures the common.

And that something is the Italian Design Center’s expansive showroom and warehouse.  Here, we feature the cream of Italy’s design riches, with the most acclaimed furniture designers of Italy under one roof.

And it doesn’t end there.  Every piece we feature is customizable with a selection of over 1,000 textiles, including fine woods and lustrous leathers.  We invite Trade professionals to contact us for an appointment.

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