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Considering a New Office Chair

While purchasing an office desk is something that is taken into great consideration, an office chair is often not included in this important process.

office chairThose with jobs in an office setting spend about 40 hours a week sitting at their desks. On average, this adds up to an astonishing 2000 hours a year. Considering the amount of time that one stays seated at work, choosing the correct chair that suits your needs is important. It can lead to a comfortable environment and increase in productivity. An incorrect chair can lead to inefficiency at the work place and can cause unnecessary body strain. There are steps that must be taken when considering an office chair. Steps that both benefit the employee and the work environment, maintaining style and elegance without compromising either.


  • plenty of back support
  • prevent back strain
  • allows one to relax in various positions
  • follow curve of the back


  • arms and height adjustments
  • shoulder adjustments
  • feet rest comfortably on the floor


  • Wheel base – rolling to prevent strain and easy mobility
  • Swivel – easy mobility and covers more area to reach
  • Material – breathable fabric preventing user from getting hot
  • Cushioning – to make the user more comfortable

Despite all the factors one must take into consideration, this does not indicate that one has to sacrifice style for comfort. There are a variety of office chairs that are functional but also maintain the tone of your office.