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Modern Living Room Design Trends for 2023

modern living room designHave you spent a lot of time in your living room over the past few years? We’re willing to bet that you have. And you’ve probably started to notice a few things you don’t like anymore.

You may have tried a few design trends in the past, and now your space is starting to look dated. Following trends is fun, but it’s important to make sure you’re designing with long-term trends and not fleeting fads.

If you’re looking to refresh your living room, there are several design trends you should be aware of. Keep reading to learn more about the trends that are dominating modern living room design in 2023.

Multifunctional Spaces

With people spending more time at home over the past few years, many rooms now serve multiple purposes. This trend will continue for living rooms in 2023.

Consider adding multifunctional furniture to your living room, such as a storage ottoman. Modular furniture pieces are also nice additions. This will allow you to easily change the layout of your space as your needs change.

One interior design trend that is falling out of favor is open-concept design. People are realizing that an open concept is not always the best use of space and lacks functionality. Use screens, furniture, or house plants to create distinct zones and add privacy to your space.

Bold Colors

All-white interiors are out, and bold colors are in. Shades of red, green, and yellow are on trend right now and are a great choice for any modern living room. If you want a more neutral look, try shades of brown and other earth tones.

If you’re nervous about adding color to your living room, start out slowly. Instead of painting the whole room a bold color, try it out first with an accent wall. Or add small pops of color to your space with pillows, throw blankets, and other pieces of decor.

Curved Furniture

Curved furniture was popular in the 60s and 70s and is seeing a resurgence in 2023. A curved sofa or a round coffee table will soften up your space and make it feel more approachable and inviting.

Many of our brands offer curved living room furniture. This is a great way to enhance your modern living room design.

Decorating with Patterns

Decorating with patterns is another interior design trend that is gaining popularity. Patterns add character and can help define distinct areas within your space.

When decorating your living room, try mixing patterns that have similar color schemes. Make sure the patterns you choose also have a similar scale. Add small pops of pattern all over your space, or choose one bold pattern for a large furniture piece, such as a sofa.

Global-Inspired Design

Have you been missing your favorite vacation destination over the past few years? Bring the vacation vibes into your home with a global-inspired design.

If you’re a beach-goer, try adding sea-inspired motifs such as fish or coral to your living room. If you’re a global traveler, try adding tribal prints or geometric designs.

Natural Materials

Decorating with natural materials is gaining popularity. It’s a great way to bring the outdoors into your living room.

Materials, such as wood and stone, and natural fabrics, such as wool and linen, add subtle texture to a space. These materials also create a sense of calm and foster a connection to nature. 

Decorating with House Plants

Another easy way to bring the outdoors inside is by decorating with house plants. They add natural beauty to your space, and they also have several health benefits. This includes everything from purifying the air to reducing stress levels.

Try styling the surfaces in your living room with a variety of small succulents. For a more dramatic look, try plants with trailing vines, such as philodendrons.

Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors are a great addition to any space because they reflect light and make rooms feel larger. This isn’t a new concept, but it continues to be on trend in 2022.

Try adding an asymmetrical, curved mirror to add some modern flair. Or try adding a more traditional mirror for some contrast. Both of these ideas will enhance your modern living room design.

Statement Lighting

Lighting is an important part of any space, including the living room. Don’t be afraid to be bold when choosing light fixtures.

Instead of relying on floor lamps, make a statement by hanging a pendant over your coffee table. Pair this with table lamps or another accent lighting for a well-rounded lighting design.


Minimalist design was popular for much of the 2010s, but it’s now giving way to maximalism. This trend is a great way to combine all the different living room design trends we’ve mentioned. Try out all the interior design ideas that you were afraid of in the past.

But, maximalism isn’t about throwing a bunch of mismatched things together. To make this modern living room trend work for you, be intentional about what you add to your space. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but only use things that bring you joy.

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