Modern and Contemporary Style Tips

Furnishing your home in a modern or contemporary style exudes a sleek atmosphere. Neutral tones and linear pieces accentuate an orderly state, leading to a simple environment. Despite the simplicity in color, pattern, and forms, modern or contemporary furnishing does not imply that your space can not also possess intricacy.

modern contemporary buffetChoosing the correct furniture to work with or contrast with other pieces can bring out a dramatic effect. By simply working with various tones, one can introduce a range of emotions besides a sleek or clean look. Different shapes can play with one another in order to interrupt a mundane appearance.

Modern and contemporary does not indicate that furnishing has to remain the same tone throughout a room. There are tricks one can use in order to maintain this particular style while simultaneously adding a contrasting element to break up the singular tone.

The Compar Vanity Buffet picture on the right is a perfect example of introducing this particular style while also possessing various tones. The walls and floors of this interior setting are white, a common element found in modern homes. The buffet and chairs are also white but instead of blending into its surroundings the pop of wood integrated into the furniture separates it from the rest of the room. The room still maintains its modern style while also combining two mediums to add a different emotion. The style is not compromised through the wood element but rather adds a certain warmth.

modern contemporary table In the case of contemporary homes, the color white is replaced by solid walls of darker tones. The Mambo Table by Domus Design showcases a contemporary style while also integrating color. The walls and floors are of the same dark tone and the clear table allows it to blend further into the room. By making the table legs and the chairs red, a break from the same dark color is introduced. This room contains elements of contemporary design but the addition of red allows the eyes to direct themselves to something else.

If you would like to have a modern or contemporary atmosphere to your home you are not limited to only sleek, bold characteristics. The addition of varying tones, contrasting colors or mediums can be a wonderful introduction to this style. One will be able to have the clean, polished appearance of these styles while also adding other elements to give it your own twist.

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