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Made in Italy Luxury Furniture: The Reasons for a Great Success

Made in Italy.  Those three words are redolent of quality, craftsmanship and an almost uncanny sense of beauty’s quintessence.

But in a world which seeks instant gratification and low price points, the cachet and allure of the Made in Italy label may have lost some of its lusters.  Today’s consumers want it now.

They want to wander the set-piece room displays at IKEA and load up their “to be assembled” purchases on the way to the check out.   They also want whatever it is they’re after to be inexpensive.  And while there’s nothing wrong with accessibility and while some of IKEA’s furniture has become almost universally classic, what’s missing is the craftsmanship.

luxury Italian piece of furniture

New Horizons for Made In Italy

But the global marketplace has shifted.  Today, the nouveau riche in countries like Russia, China and Brazil seek out the Made in Italy label avidly.

Formerly inaccessible in the economic turmoil of these nations, there’s an emerging trend among the young and well-heeled around the world to demand the supreme quality, painstaking craftsmanship and undeniable beauty of Italian goods.  Now that they’ve got what it takes to get it, they want it and they’re buying it.

Beyond that, there is the boundless energy of Italian creativity, coupled with a passion for the extraordinary and the strikingly beautiful which sets luxury items made in Italy apart from competing goods.

And Made in Italy luxury furniture is a case in point.  Its enduring popularity and status can be witnessed all over the world, from Moscow to Sao Paulo.

Reasons Too Numerous to Mention

Perhaps it’s the surroundings.  Maybe it’s the scent of coffee wafting through the morning streets, or the hum of thousands of years of history in the air.  It could even be the sea’s scent, or the fresh mountain air.

Italy has many wonders, but what they add up to in terms of Italian luxury furniture is a pure, unblemished adoration of the pleasure of being in the presence of beauty.  That’s a pleasure worth handing down through generations of artisan families, crafting by hand the intricacy of wood inlay and veneer.

It’s worth the time it takes to create lasting treasures which export a sliver of Italy’s legendary love of beauty to distant shores, where it can transport others to the land cradled between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.

The reasons for the great success of Italian luxury furniture reside in our imaginations and our own desire to see and enjoy what’s truly and gloriously superlative.  From the Palace of the Doge in Venice to the Duomo in Florence, to Sicily’s wild rusticity, Italy is a legend of glamor, history and style which ignites the fantasies of millions.

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