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Luxury Home Furniture: Made in Italy is One Step Ahead

Maybe living in an ancient loft looking out on the Campo dei Fiori in Rome isn’t in the cards for you.  And maybe you can’t find your way to that breathtaking, permanent terrace in Capri, the Mediterranean’s blue vastness arrayed at your feet.

But you can bring a slice of that inimitable glamor into your home.  Luxury home furniture from Italy is one step ahead because of Italy’s timeless traditions of excellence and perfectionism and a national commitment to honoring a setting which is painfully beautiful.

Made in Italy is one step ahead.  It’s a taste of the Campo dei Fiori, a whisper of Capri and a dash of Lake Como nestled in your home, crafted by masters of Italian furniture design.

luxury Italian furniture

Where Epochs Exist In Harmony

Everywhere you go in Italy, you walk in the shadow of epochs of history.  Before even the Romans, came the Etruscans, their she-wolf still the potent symbol of Rome, suckling the twins, Romulus and Remus.

And when you’re born from a long line of artisans, you wear the mantle of generations of exacting craftsmanship which demands fidelity to a proud tradition.

Outside your door history is present, living hand in glove with the present and the future.  All these tenses of time exist in harmony in the Italian heart and mind.  The past is present in every moment of life, reflected in both reverence and innovation.

To be a creator of fine things in Italy is to not only continue a tradition but to enliven it with the moment.  This is the ongoing brilliance of Italian design and its enduring truth – that Italian culture demands both continuity and bold departure, held in a tension which creates something uniquely sophisticated.

Bringing Italian Luxury Home

Whether adding to a well-established collection of Italian luxury furniture, or starting with your first piece, the flavor of a nation steeped in sophisticated design is easy to bring home, with Michelangelo Designs.

At the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA, we bring Italy’s timeless beauty to homes, hotels and other fine establishments for discerning Trade professionals and their clientele.

Here, you’ll select from a dozen of Italy’s most acclaimed furniture design houses, from the modernism of EgoItaliano to the classicism of Carpanelli.  We don’t stop at Italy’s finest designers.  We provide endless possibilities, with over 1,000 textile selections, including rare woods and supple leathers.

With Michelangelo, your home takes on the patina of Italy’s timeless dedication to beauty and quality, creating an oasis of sophistication that isn’t too shy to make a spectacle of itself.

Exclusively for Trade Professionals

Since 1985, Michelangelo Designs has been importing the riches of Italy to fire the imaginations of professionals in the Trade.  Architects, interior designers, real estate developers and retailers find the cure for the common here.

They come to us in the knowledge that we’ve created this sterling resource for them alone.  With the inspiration of Italian excellence, their creative impulse is ignited.

We invite Trade professionals to contact us for an appointment.