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Which Luxury Furniture Should You Buy For Your Home?

The home is a highly personal space and a reflection of your personal style.  Encompassing comfort, aesthetics and hospitality, your living space is much more than functional.

If you’re contemplating adding luxury furniture to the design elements of your home, careful consideration needs to be given to your lifestyle.  A white chaise longue probably isn’t going to work in a home where small children are running around with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, for example.

And for obvious reasons.

So, which luxury furniture should you buy for your home?  The furniture which is suited to your concept of beauty and comfort and which supports your lifestyle, realistically.

Scale and setting.

You love your residence.  It’s a statement about what’s important to you and about where you find the greatest joy in life.  It deserves a thoughtful interpretation.

luxury chairs and small table with flowers on it

Luxury furniture is an investment in your home’s presentation.  Whether your home has many rooms, or only a few and whether you’re ready to fill it with luxury furniture, or start with one foundational piece, scale and setting are key.

A mid-century modern home, for example, features larger spaces which demand that its sweeping rooms be answered with furniture to scale, whether it’s traditional or contemporary.  The smaller rooms of modern condominiums require a different approach which answers the need for utility, beauty and comfort.

In either instance, it’s your personal style which dictates what works.  You may love a mixture of contemporary and traditional styles, but whatever you choose, taking into consideration the character of your home and how furniture is going to work in the spaces you’re buying for is key.

Consult with a professional.

If you’re planning to re-vision your living space with luxury furniture, investing in a consultation with a design professional is always in order.

You’re investing in international standards of quality and high-level design, so having a knowing eye on hand, as you choose luxury furniture, is a wise decision.

two chairs and wooden coffee table

A professional will immediately get a sense for what your home’s character will accommodate, aesthetically.  A design professional will also be able to discern your personal style by discussing your vision with you.

Michelangelo – the design professional’s best friend.

Because Michelangelo Designs works exclusively with the Trade, offering it exclusively Italian luxury furniture, your design professional will discover a world of ideas at the Michelangelo Design Center.

Featuring the most sought-after furniture brands from Italy, Trade professionals have access to a dozen premier design houses, encompassing reproductions of classical furnishings, traditional stylings and sleek contemporary offerings.

white modern leather sofa with little coffee table

For those with a singular concept, Michelangelo brings customization to luxury, creating endless possibilities for professionals in the Trade, with 1,000 textile selections, including rich leathers and sumptuous woods.

Which luxury furniture should you choose for your home?  The furniture which takes your living space to another level, with sublime design that’s uniquely you.

Your investment in luxury furniture will re-create your home as a reflection of your tastes and lifestyle. Have your designer get in touch with Michelangelo to start the transformation.