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Luxury Bedding Care Guide

We spend fully 1/3rd of our lives sleeping, if we insist on the requisite 8 hours per night, which we should.  So, shouldn’t our sleeping space be as luxurious and comfortable as possible?

At Michelangelo, we certainly think so.  If you’re as passionate about quality bedding as we are, you’ll appreciate this brief luxury bedding care guide.

Caring for your bedding extends its life and makes it even more of a pleasure to sleep on every night.

luxury bedding

Luxury Demands Curation

If you’ve invested in luxury bedding, you’re committed to caring for it.  That means getting it right from the start.

New bedding should be pre-laundered prior to putting it on your bed.  Taking the step of a cold pre-soak serves to preserve the fibers and colors.  For the first wash, use minimal detergent.

Whatever you do, leave the fabric softener on the shelf.  Fine linens don’t need it, as time and washing with soften it naturally.

Start a Rotation

Many people think of linens in terms of “one on the bed, one in the wash”.  But adding a 3rd set of bed linens allows the fibers to rest.  One on the bed, one in the wash and one in the linen cupboard is the rule of thumb for luxury bedding.

Wash your linens in a full set.  For example, ensure that matching pillow covers are washed with sheets.  This allows the set to age consistently, instead of some pieces appearing less used than others.

Check the Label

Be sure to check the label on your bedding for fabric composition.  This will make it clear what type of wash cycle and water temperature to use.

Set your machine to gentle, with warm water and cold rinse.  PRO-TIP:  use only half the amount of laundry detergent generally prescribed.  And please – no bleach.  This product degrades the fibers in luxury bedding.

When drying, don’t use a high heat.  Also, prior to loading the dryer, untwist or shake out the bedding to ensure more consistent drying.

Taking your bedding out of the dryer while still damp is a great way to avoid wrinkling.  But if you can, drying your luxury bedding the old-fashioned way is best.  Fresh air and gentle sunlight freshen your bedding and provide a natural disinfecting effect.

Let It Breathe

Fine, luxury bedding needs to breathe.  Your linen closet should provide adequate ventilation, as well as being cool and dry.

Long term storage of luxury bedding should never be in plastic, or cedar.  Cedar can stain the fabric and plastic offers no air circulation.

With proper care and storage, your luxury bedding will be gracing your bed for many happy, restful nights to come.

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