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Is It Time to Invest In Luxury Furniture?

Today, the public doesn’t see pieces of design only as museum pieces, but rather products to live with every day. Buying a nice piece of design is like buying a painting or a sculpture.”

Giulio Cappellini, Art Director, Cappellini Furniture

The contemporary fascination with design, whether born from mass media, or the proliferation of global prosperity in key sectors, is a growing trend.  As Giulio Cappellini points out in the quote above, people are increasingly seeking beautifully designed furniture as an investment.

Built to last, as well as to be striking, luxury furniture is a wise investment decision.  But choosing the right luxury furniture depends on the buyer’s understanding of the history of furniture design.

Eames – as fresh as ever.

If you’re a fan of exceptional furniture design, you’ll be familiar with the name Eames.  Charles and Ray Eames released their classic Eames lounge chair for the Herman Miller furniture company in 1956.  Today, an example of this sought-after piece resides in the Museum of Modern Art, in New York City.

Eames lounge chair and ottoman

Sleek, sophisticated and endlessly elegant, this lounger, with its classic ottoman, is considered more than an icon of modernism.  It’s art.

The name Eames continues to be synonymous with style, typifying the mid-Century modern aesthetic.  The Eames lounge chair is only one example of classic furniture style that has endured through the ages to continue to make an impact today.

Quality stands the test of time.

When investing in luxury furniture, quality is the watchword.  You’re looking for items which not only speak of your style, but will continue to do so – probably for the rest of your life.  This is furniture you’ll be able to hand on to your children.

comfortable brown chair and double chair with small round table in between

And they won’t mind a bit.  A 21st Century problem is young people having no interest in the contents of parental homes.  But if you’ve invested in luxury furniture that’s elegant and timeless, your children will happily welcome it into their own homes, when the time comes.

Luxury furniture doesn’t depreciate in value.  Its value only grows.  That’s not just true of an Eames lounger, or a La Corbusier chaise.  It’s true of quality luxury furniture that’s crafted by masters, using superior materials and honoring centuries of traditional craftsmanship.

Is it time to invest?

So, is it time to invest in luxury furniture?  While the decision is yours, luxury furniture has a place in everyone’s home.  Even investing in one or two pieces can make the difference between a mundane living space and something truly extraordinary.

Once you’ve reached a certain point in life, you want the very best.  You also want to leave something for your children and their children to enjoy.  That’s the time to invest in luxury furniture, for your lifestyle, comfort and for the future.

At Michelangelo, we believe in the finer things in life and our selection of exclusively Italian furniture is one of them.  When you’ve made the decision to invest in luxury furniture, your next step is to have your design consultant contact us to schedule an appointment.