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Incorporating Color into your Home

For people that may not be used to having bold bright colors in their home introducing color may be overwhelming. It is difficult to make the drastic change from a neutral beige to flaming orange. Instead of jumping right into bold colors gradually making changes is the way to go. You do not have to go from one extreme to another. Your home does not have to be covered completely in searing colors to create a bright environment. It is possible to have your neutral tones while also creating a pop here and there through accents. There are plenty of ways to add depth to your home without having to use an array of tones.

Mix Neutrals

A great way to add dimension to your home is to mix neutral colors. If you do not want to add vivid colors creating a mix of neutral tones is a great way to liven up a room. Having the same hue throughout will make the room blend. Even if the colors are neutral, having a mix will add breaks in the space. Despite being neutral, each color will provide contrast and make each one stand out. Adding a variety of neutrals can be achieved through furniture or through painting the walls. The walls and furniture will create a nice contrast. If you do want to add vivid colors an important thing to keep in mind is to match. Make sure that the colors you introduce all have the same tone. If they have the same level of brightness, glow, or delicateness pair them together. If you do not want to feel overwhelmed make sure to pair colors that have the same amount of richness.


If completely changing the color of the walls or furniture is too extreme you can still add color in smaller ways. Adding accents here and there to areas in your home will still have the same effect as altering furniture or paint. The best part about this approach is the versatility and customization. For example you can change or add metals in your home. A bronze or brass faucet adds a nice contrast while also bringing warmth. Decorations made from the same metal can also bring warmth into your home while also being easily replaceable if you want another color in the future. Pillows are also very effective in making your home brighter. You can place a couple on your couch and if you want to switch up the color or style just replace the pillows. Glass ornaments or vases bring pops of color. Since they are transparent its adds an airy feeling to any room and the colors will be subtle.