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How to Pick The Perfect Coffee Table

A coffee table can add that extra bit of warmth and has the ability to make your living room inviting. Depending on the atmosphere that you want to create can determine the type of coffee table you want to include. There are various types of coffee tables in different styles, mediums, and dimensions that it may seem that picking the one for your home may seem difficult. Choices can be narrowed down when you determine what goes best with your furniture and if it will compliment the style that you are trying to present.

One of the first things to consider is what do you want your coffee table to accomplish? Do you want it to bring the room together? Set a certain tone? Add extra storage space? Whatever the case may be, when it comes to choosing a coffee table there are a variety of combinations that are sure to suit your needs.

capp coffee tableTake this table by Angelo Cappellini, its large dimensions make it ideal for covering a large surface area. The square shape and size makes it perfect for bringing a large room together, making it much more inviting. Despite its size it will not take over the living room and envelop the space because of its glass surface. The glass surface allows the table to accomplish the task of bringing the room together without closing it up too much. The glass distracts us from the table’s size by making the floor visible. This element is also beneficial if the table is placed on a rug that you want to display. Overall, this table adds warmth to the room while also leaving enough open space.

kira coffee tableThe Kira coffee table by Domus Design offers two heights and an asymmetrical design to add dimension to your living room. Instead of a single, long piece of furniture, splitting the table and positioning them at varying heights adds more character to your room. The asymmetrical design adds an extra element in contrast to a symmetrical, long table. The height also adds room to possibly store things underneath. If you want a long coffee table but want it to have more personality, by breaking a streamlined build this table may be perfect for your needs.

estro cofee tableIf you are looking for a less traditional coffee table the Estro by COMPAR might be for you. This chrome coffee table is composed of a leather base which branches out to two glass surfaces. This table also follows an asymmetrical design in both the height of the surfaces and the size, one glass being larger than the other. Along with its polished appearance, using round surfaces creates the curves that are common in modern furniture; instead of having hard edges which evokes more traditional tables. Compared to the previous products this table is smaller, if you would like to incorporate a clean, modern look into your living room this may be perfect for you.