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Essential Modern Dining Room Pieces to Elevate Your Style

The time has come to transform your dining area.  You’re busily seeking out essential modern dining room pieces to elevate your style, taking it to the next level of elegance.

But “modern” can mean any number of things.  It can mean the latest style trend, but it needn’t and to be honest, it probably shouldn’t.

Because you’re going to be living with your new dining room for a while, trends are best ignored in favor of classics.  Classics stand the test of time, never appearing dated.  Let’s talk about essential modern dining room pieces to elevate your style and a few pointers to guide you on your way.

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What Defines “modern”?

While the words “modern” and “contemporary” are often used interchangeably, “modern” refers to an era of design and certain qualities which were introduced during that era.

The 1940s can be referred to as the historical home of modern design, but some argue that its genesis originates in the 1920s and the sleek lines of Art Deco.

And sleekness is one of modern design’s most compelling features.

There are several sub-categories falling under the rubric of “modern” which apply:

  • Scandinavian (light pine, clean lines)
  • Industrial (rivets, steel, exposed pipes)
  • Minimalist (the absence of extraneous elements)
  • Mid-Century Modern (sleek, futuristic)

What all these sub-styles have in common is an absence of clutter and ornamentation, in favor of the pure lines of the furniture.

Setting the Scene

While some associate modern furniture design with muted colors, that’s not necessarily the case.  It’s often true that modern furniture errs on the side of saturated, bold color which elevates the space and creates specific stylistic points of reference.

But surfaces which gleam are another key element of modern design.  Smooth, reflective glass and steel figure prominently, realized in table tops, wall finishes and even flooring.  Lighting which is dramatic and eliminates the need for pieces like table top lamps is a concurrent design element which works with the reflective surfaces in this style to heighten their impact.

The Right Stuff

For the furniture itself, you’re looking for clean, sensual lines which are somehow organic and functional at the same time.  For ideas, seek out the work of designers like Eames and van der Rohe, who typify mid-century modern furniture design and are largely responsible for its proliferation in homes all over the USA.

For your table, materials like acrylic, glass and metal create a sophisticated modern ambience.  Surround it with chairs which speak to it and anchor the whole with a bright, geometric area rug to anchor it, keying it to modern artwork.

Suspended over the table, illuminating its modern elegance, a lamp which enlivens its gleaming surface creates intimacy and drama.

This brief discussion of essential modern dining room pieces to elevate your style will have gotten your juices flowing.  Now it’s your turn to create the ideal home dining experience, touched by the simple sophistication of modern design.

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