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The Essence of a Contemporary Classic Home  

The spirit of Italian design is found in its essence.  That essence can best be summed up in one word – beauty.  And while beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder, the Italian aesthetic demands beauty in all things and that beauty is always expressed with superior quality and craftsmanship.

The essence of a contemporary classic home is no different that the essence of Italian design.  Simply. the style “contemporary classic” is directly translated from the original Italian “classico contemporaneo”.  And that’s all you need to know.

The essence of a contemporary classic home is the Italian love of beauty, realized in the finest materials, wrought into the iconic style Italy is known for all over the world.

orange sofa

Classic Materials In the Modern Age

The classic materials Italian design has been renowned for through the ages define the contemporary classic home.  Where you see fine marble cladding walls, creating elegant flooring, or integrated into elements like lamps, tables and décor, you’re looking at classic materials which have made a home in the modern age.

Upholstery is tactile and lush, ranging from velvet to fine leathers and intricate brocades.  Realized with the contemporary flair this style is known for, these fabrics enjoy a renaissance in sleek, modern settings and sinuous shapes, recreating them as modern mainstays.

Wood elements as part of the essence of a contemporary classic home have a warming effect.  Referencing a past marked by exceptionally diligent workmanship, wood appears in this style as a subtle foray into the elegance of earlier times.

Luxury For a New Era

References to Imperial Rome are a unique part of this interior design trend, with tiled floors evoking the palaces of the Caesars.

Geometric patterns which are both bold and sophisticated grace entrance halls and guest bathrooms and may be echoed throughout the home in fireplace surrounds, kitchen tiling and tiled edging in rooms with parquet wood floors.

Again, the key word is luxury.  That luxury is best expressed in the materials used in contemporary classic design, which may be marble, or natural stone with unique characteristics which come to life in your interiors.

Tufting figures prominently when choosing the right furniture for your contemporary classic home.  This upholstering technique has never been more desirable than it is right now.  Juxtaposed with the deceptive simplicity of this style, it enhances the luxurious nature of the materials employed to create the ideal home in this interior design style.

elegant chair

Sleek and Bold

Contemporary classic shapes are sleek and bold.  Clad in the luxury of velvet or leather, they’re timelessly sophisticated.  Rich mustard meets ebony and polished mirror treatments.  Deep indigo meets cream marble, veined with gold.  The interplay of light and dark, hard and soft are the most compelling features of contemporary classic, making your home both a showpiece and a relaxing sanctuary from the world.

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