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Displaying Your Collection

If you like to collect certain items or simply want to add an extra decorative element, setting up a display will be a perfect addition to your home. Including a simple display stand or a much larger display case can add a certain charm to your environment. Besides being able to create an atmosphere and show your personality through your display, display cases also help to better organize your collection. Instead of creating clutter, a display stand helps give your items their own space to better show them off.

display column display caseThis display column by Angelo Cappellini shows simplicity and elegance in its design. The wood and metal accents on the top and bottom work together nicely to create a luxurious feel. This piece allows you to display your artifacts vertically providing you with more room and offers a better flow. By having three tiers, your collection will look more organized and eliminate clutter. Since the display column is not enclosed this allows more breathability and your items can be viewed from various angles.

vitrine display caseThe following display case, Camilla by Domus Design, takes more of a modern approach in showcasing your items. In this case your objects can be placed and further protected within this case. Glass surrounds this case, so your collection will still be visible from various angles but the glass adds extra protection from more fragile pieces. Like the previous display stand, this one also contains various levels to give your display more of an elegant look. The display also has interior lights allowing you to set a tone within your display. The lights not only allow you to shift the tone but also brings out the most of your pieces with proper lighting.

By introducing a display case into your environment it brings more organization to your collection. Instead of creating clutter your items can be placed on a piece specifically meant to showcase them. Your items can be better appreciated and viewed when placed on the proper display case. Show your personality and interests by placing your treasured items in a display case that compliments both your artifacts and home.