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Dining Table Guide

Purchasing a dining table is a an important process that requires much consideration before buying. Whether you plan on using your dining table frequently or sparingly, finding a table that lasts for years to come can be made easy with these steps. There are a variety of mediums, styles, and finishes to choose from when deciding on the table that is perfect for your home.


traditional dining table

Angelo Cappellini

Wood. Glass. Marble. All of these mediums create sturdy, long lasting dining tables that can stand the test of time in both functionality and style. Woods such as mahogany, walnut, or maple are durable and strong. They have the ability to handle many uses and also have a sleek, modern appearance. If you are searching for something more rustic, a less polished wooden table can also work. They can be used multiple times and are extremely durable while adding an industrial charm to it. Glass is not only durable but versatile. It complements any design and color that you may have in the dining room. It can also withstand scratches or hot objects, so you do not have to worry about damaging it. Marble is a medium that is sure to last. Its strong, heavy, and it will never be out of fashion. Although marble can stain or crack being extra careful when in use can keep it in perfect shape.

Shape and Size

circle dining table

Serafino Marelli

The shape of the table is entirely based off of the space of the room you are working with and your style. While wooden tables look great some of them may occupy too much space. In order to save space going with a different shape may solve the issue; a circular table or rounded edges. If you find yourself moving a lot, a heavy wooden table is harder to transport. Go with a lighter material like plywood, your dining table can still look elegant while also being lightweight and as a result make the room feel lighter. Since marble is a heavy material, a circular marble table still retains its elegance while being lighter than rectangular ones. Instead of the traditional rectangular shaped table, circles and oblong shapes can compliment any room and still seat multiple guests.


red and glass dining table

Domus Design

While adding a pop of color to your dining room through the table will certainly make a statement, you have to be careful which color you choose. The shades that are in style today may be out of style tomorrow. Make sure its a color that you won’t get tired of seeing everyday, that will want to make you change your table. If you still want to incorporate a colorful table, sticking to primary colors is your best bet. The simplicity of the colors is sure to match with your surroundings for years to come. Neutral colors also work with various colors and ensure that you will want to keep it for several years.