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The Different Dimensions of Modern Furniture

The evolution of Italian furniture has led it to its unique incarnation as a contemporary style mainstay in the homes, offices and fine hotels of the world.  Satisfying the need for modern expressions in a variety of contexts, the different dimensions of modern furniture in the Italian ethos make it adaptable to most settings.

Whether your space is large or small, modern furniture responds with clean, simple lines that don’t overpower.  In the Italian design world, though, form and function mesh perfectly, creating furniture which whispers of comfort which is pleasing to the eye.

Discreet luxury

Modern furniture eschews the gilded, highly-wrought decoration of earlier styles, choosing discretion over valor, every time.  Whether you’re planning on making the centerpiece of a great room with vaulted ceilings a fine leather sectional, or you need a love seat to compliment your small but elegant pied-a-terre, modern furniture offers furniture for all spaces.


When tastes run to a discreet stylistic expression that doesn’t compete with art or décor, but quietly compliments it, modern furniture is the ideal choice.

From hotel lobbies to ateliers

The different dimensions of modern furniture represent a design world without boundaries.  Modern designers know that many spaces today are more modest and so, modern furniture is created for every possible scenario.

You no longer require a manse to find yourself seated on an Ego Italiano sofa.  The modest dimensions of your home are matched by the thoughtful work of designers who understand your needs.

But for those who enjoy grand spaces, modern furniture is the perfect alternative, building an image of tranquil sophistication, rooted in innovative design, quality materials and painstaking craftsmanship.

Modern furniture is as at home in a sweeping hotel mezzanine as it is in a humble atelier in a garret.

Sustainability and style

A sterling example of the intellectual strain in modern design is the work of the designers at COM.P.AR.  This design house has devoted itself to creating furnishings which respond to the modern demand for sustainability without sacrificing the spirit of modern design.

Compar furniture

COM.P.AR’s design team works in a state of continual reflection about the needs of the modern age, including the imperative to reduce waste in processes and materials.

There is no concept which speaks more eloquently to modernism than sustainability – something which the designers at COM.P.AR are not only aware of but practice every working day.

Tradition meets sophistication

For those who desire the lingering sweetness of the past in a modern context, Carpanelli Contemporary brings you the best of both worlds.  Employing the sinuous lines of nature, Carpanelli Contemporary translates the natural world into contemporary pieces which speak today’s language.

Carpanelli dining room

This innovative furniture design house has created a middle way in the world of modern furniture.

Another dimension, at Michelangelo

At first and only Italian Design Center in the USA, Michelangelo Designs brings you another dimension of modern furniture, with a collection of some of Italy’s most storied Italian design houses.

Trade professionals will find an exclusive selection of modern furniture, forged in Italian creative vision at Michelangelo Designs.