Designer Tips for Creating a Healthy, Non-Toxic Home

While we all desire a healthy, non-toxic home, style conscious people are usually a little concerned about introducing an element into their living space which may detract from their interior design scheme.

Well, we have good news for the style conscious.  Our designer tips for creating a healthy, non-toxic home won’t put a dent in your residential aesthetics.  In fact, with the trend toward reducing toxicity in our personal environments and the new global sustainability consciousness, you don’t have to sacrifice style for wholesomeness.

We’re about to show you some key designer tips for creating a healthy, non-toxic home.

wooden desk by a wooden wall

Avoid the Lure of Plastic

Before we warn you off plastic as part of your home design scheme, we should make it clear that not all plastics are created equal.  Today’s plastics, derived from organic materials like hemp, can make a difference to your home environment, while delivering the same stylish flair.

But conventionally manufactured plastic emits gases which are proven to be deleterious to your health.  Those gases can wind up mingling with dust in your home to create toxic combinations which exacerbate allergies, reduce air quality and make your home unhealthy.

Ventilation Matters

Adequate ventilation in your home ensures the circulation of things like dust, which can accumulate in a home that’s poorly ventilated.

Air flow moves air into your home that’s been oxygenated (especially if you live near a wealth of trees) by plant life, exchanging stale air for fresh.

Ventilation is important in all areas of your home, but the kitchen should be a focus.  That’s especially true if you char meat indoors.  The carcinogenic properties of charring when released into the air can seriously impact domestic air quality. Maybe take it outdoors.

Natural Fibers

Was your carpeting in place when you moved into your home?  If that’s the case, then chances are that it’s emitting chemical agents into the air which aren’t good for the health of your family.

Seek out flooring that’s naturally derived.  The same goes for upholstery.  Flame retardants, allergen inhibitors and flame retardants are all made from toxic compounds which are released into your home’s air every minute they’re there.

Seek out alternatives which are not only manufactured from natural substances, but which aren’t treated with chemicals purported to prevent problems you can deal with in better ways and which are unhealthy, in the long term.

living room chair

Mind the Moisture

One of the health threats in your home that’s most controllable is also one that’s very common – mold.

This unpleasant material which burgeons in the presence of moisture can cause numerous health problems.  Keep your eye on moisture incursion and do your family a favor by reducing mold.

Michelangelo Designs

These designer tips for creating a healthy, non-toxic home are offered in the hope of healthier living spaces.

There’s no need to sacrifice style for your health.  At Michelangelo, Trade professionals get it all, creating endless opportunities for visually stunning, healthy interiors.  Exclusively Italian design was made for times like these.

We invite Trade pros to schedule an appointment.

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