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Design Trend – When Royal Meets Rustic

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, the Royals of the world lived in far more rustic contexts than those they do today.  But just one example of the longstanding Royal affection for rustic locales is Queen Elizabeth of England’s for Balmoral Castle.

When at Balmoral, Her Majesty is known to ramble outdoors, her signature headscarf, tweed and wellington rubber boots protecting her from the brisk winds Scotland is known for.

That image alone provides a window into this design trend – when royal meets rustic.

Natural elements fit for a Queen

This design trend’s signature feature is the liberal use of natural materials, paired with lashings of Baroque ornamentation.  But there are not just any natural materials.

Burled wood features prominently, as do fur and leather.  You’ll also find brass studded upholstery and period-inspired turned wood and metalwork as the bases for sleek tables in glass, stone and wood.

Seating is coddled in lush furs (imitations for those who object), with cow skin rugs gracing highly polished wood plank floors.

Over the natural stone fireplace hangs the modern effigy of a stag, while the sitting room’s high ceiling is tamed to human scale with a large, wrought iron chandelier hanging low over the seating area.

rustic interior design

Wild meets stately

Imagine the cross-section of a large tree becoming a dining room table.  Its edges retain their natural shape, but the table top itself is heavily lacquered and supported by graceful (almost industrial) metal legs which curve elegantly outward.

Around it sit plush velvet chairs, upholstered in the traditional way – with brass studs.  In the corner, next to the sleek, modern buffet, sits a large, black leather wingback.  It’s embraced by white fur which wraps around it, nestling the chair in warmth.

The walls are as highly-lacquered as the table, covering every inch of wall space in the luxury of burled wood.  Those elegant walls are graced by large mirrors, framed in ornate resin frames in the Baroque style.

The context

So, you don’t live in Balmoral Castle.  Your humble abode isn’t equipped with vaulted ceilings supported by heavy wooden beams.  But you can still achieve this look by incorporating its elements into your home and creating a context which hints at more regal surroundings.

Textured wall treatments can easily be created.  Online tutorials abound for this purpose.  Mimic the look of wood or choose a color that works for your space sponged over with gold.  Finish the look with contrasting veining to imitate the look of marble on a feature wall.

A chandelier of deer’s horns or a vintage wrought iron piece hanging over a key seating area create the illusion of royal grandeur, while imparting a sense of warmth and intimacy.

Another wonderful way to set the scene for rustic meets royal is with wallpaper.  Choose subtle renditions which include gold or silver foil and classic patterns of vines and flowers.

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