Décor to Compliment Your Luxury Furniture

Luxury furniture is made to grace your living space with the extraordinary.  Meticulous craftsmanship, high-end materials and enduring quality deserve to be surrounded by décor that speaks to its excellence.

The trick is expressing yourself in the context of furnishings you’ve purchased to create a certain feeling.  Whether you’ve chosen modern, traditional or a blend of both, creating a balanced environment is top of mind when choosing décor to compliment your luxury furniture.

We thought we’d point to some key contemporary trends.  You’re here because you love luxury furniture, so you know what moves you.  We know you’ll take these décor trends and adapt them to mesh with the exquisite luxury furniture in your home.

PRO-TIP:  Contemporary trends are not to be confused with fads.  Your home is for keeps, so keep it stylish, elegant and true to your vision.

Setting the mood with color

While white walls may suit the sensibilities of some, in terms of design and décor they’re rather decisively over.

colorful chairs

The most compelling trend in wall colors for the home tracks to creating a sense of coziness and tranquility.  Walls today are taking on highly-saturated paint and paper treatments in darker colors.  While that may not be your “thing”, you can employ the trend to compliment your luxury furniture.  What’s more compelling than a plush chartreuse recliner against a deep navy wall?

Black Flame (a compromise between navy and black) provides the ideal setting for luxury furniture, creating a sensation of sanctuary and a backdrop for your discerning taste.  But don’t stop at the walls!  Take it to the ceiling and embrace another key décor trend.

Luxe fringe

No longer confined to throws, pillows, blankets and the odd Tiffany lamp, fringe has broken from its stuffy confines to take pride of place in lighting solutions, mirrors and even furniture pieces.

The touch of whimsy and over-the-top luxury provided by fringe is being expressed this season in natural, tactile materials.  Spilling over to create additional texture and interest, fringe can be deployed in numerous ways that set off your luxury furniture.

art cafe style

Get intense

With the Maximalist design and décor trend in full swing, intense color is a trend anyone can incorporate into their homes.

With the addition of select décor (arts, cushions, glass and ceramic ware), your luxury furniture is re-created in a distinct design moment.  Pops of intense color bring that moment to your aesthetic, making it your own.

Combine this trend with a soothing, unifying wall color like Black Flame and give your luxury furniture its contemporary due.  And if you’ve a piece which is a deep red hue, you’re ahead on all fronts.

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