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Décor to Complement Your Luxury Furniture

Décor is the icing on the cake.  It’s the slice of orange in your Negroni.  It’s the bow on a gift.  Décor is what completes your vision of a graceful home which expresses who you are and what you value.

But employing décor intelligently is a fine art.  Too much of it and you’ve created an overwhelming sensory environment.  Too little of it and your home appears unfinished and temporary.  Choosing the right pieces and defining the major furnishings with additional touches which create a pleasing whole, is a process.

Color and shape.

Color and shape should always be considered before value or fashion.  While the décor piece of the moment may be described as a “must have”, it might be exactly the thing you shouldn’t have in your bookshelf, or on your cocktail table.

elegant living room

Décor can be as big as an ottoman (adding function), or as small as glass sphere.  It can be as subtle as a stack of books arranged on an end table, or as striking as a Ken Chihuly work of glass art, greeting those who come in the front door.

Whatever you choose as décor to complement your luxury furniture, accenting the feeling you’ve created is the most important job décor can do for you.  Color and shape are key components of making décor do its job in your living space.

Pieces that speak.

When browsing décor pieces, think in terms of what you like, but also in terms of what you need to most effectively accent the mood you’ve created with your furnishings.

While it may be tempting to run to the nearest Pottery Barn to grab a bunch of nesting boxes, or some clay geese, temptation in that regard should be resisted at all costs.  Instead, take your time.  Turn to Pinterest to glean ideas that match your aesthetic.  Browse secondhand and antique stores.

Sometimes what you’re looking for can be hiding in unexpected places.

The rule of three and “important” pieces.

Photographers and artists know that groups of three are more pleasing than items grouped in tandem, or even alone.  These items needn’t be of the same shape and color, but they should have a unifying theme.  Three pieces of antique glass in different colors, for example, or three items of talavera pottery in different shapes, in the same color, may work.

wall decor in three pieces

If you’re planning on larger décor pieces, ensure that your lighting complements them.  There’s no point having a Chihuly in the entrance if people can’t get a good look at it.  Feature it, without making your guests feel as though they’ve crept into a museum.

Décor to complement your luxury furniture should be given time to coalesce around your aesthetic vision for your home.  As we’ve said earlier, don’t rush.  Build your vision with careful thought to each piece of décor’s role in it.

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