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How to Use Custom Furniture In Your NJ/NYC Home

Your home is your sanctuary.  It’s where you come at the end of the day to rest and reflect.  It’s more than a place to hang your hat.  It’s an extension of who you are.

When you know yourself, you’re not about to be content with the banal or boring.  That just won’t cut it.  You’re unique and you want your home to reflect that.

A key way to achieve a home environment which reflects your lifestyle, ambitions and personal taste is custom furniture.  It’s served up just the way you like it in terms of style, color, texture and size.  What could more aptly express your vision than furniture that’s been created to do just that?

This post address how to use custom furniture in your NJ/NYC home to make it both a statement and sanctuary.

living room

Re-creating space.

Let’s start in the living room, where custom furniture can make all the difference in the room’s aesthetic.

Ask yourself what the room’s focal point is.  This is the most compelling and noticeable feature of the room and everything else in it should acknowledge and enhance it.

Your focal point might be a fireplace, or a large picture window.  If you can’t identify a strong focal point, you may need to create one with a striking painting, print, or wall hanging.

This is where custom furniture comes in.  How to use custom furniture in our NJ/NYC home is to punch up the volume of your focal point, making it even more striking and pleasing than it already is.  Regardless of what that point is, custom furniture allows you to highlight it and enhance its eye-appeal.

If your focal point is a fireplace, choose a sofa which is scaled to your living room.  Choose a color which works with the dominant material in the fireplace and then, select a style which works with the vision you’re creating.  You may see an overstuffed sofa there.  But consider the lines of the room before going for something which appeals to you, which may be at odds with the room’s structure.

Build on the idea.

Once your custom sofa is in place, how will you complement it?  Consider chairs instead of another sofa.  Create a conversational area with a large area rug in a vibrant color which either complements or contrasts with your custom sofa and anchors the area.

room with huge sofa and rug

Select a coffee table to scale, made of a material which again acknowledges the focal point, creating harmony.  See a table you love, but don’t particularly like the material it’s made of?  If you’ve seen it online, bookmark it and then check the image against other tables which may be closer to your vision.  Once found, ask the sales floor staff at the store where you’ve found it if the table can be made to order.

Remember – custom furniture is going to be around a long time.  When chosen carefully, custom furniture is a smart investment in your home and lifestyle.

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