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Choosing an Office Desk

Choosing an office desk might seem like a daunting process given the different types and styles that exist. You can narrow down your search by determining what suites your work needs, amount of space, and the efficiency.

modern office deskFor those that prefer something modern and sleek this office desk might be best for you. The Zero desk by Dellarovere is a simple but polished desk that is not only functional but elevates your living space. It has a large surface, so it is perfect for fitting your laptop or files but the stand is small enough where this desk can be placed anywhere. The size makes it perfect for people that do not have a lot of space to fit a large office desk. The sleek design also makes it less bulky, making your space more cohesive. Since this desk is smaller and has no storage, it is used best for minimal things such as only a laptop and some papers.

traditional office deskFor those that would like something more traditional this desk by Bianchini may be more suited for you. The wood finish gives it a more traditional appearance as office desks are usually thought of. The build of the desk makes it sturdy providing you with the ability to place various objects on the surface. Unlike the previous office desk, this one contains drawers on either side, perfect for storing paperwork, books, or magazines. Given the design and storage space, this desk is optimal for those that have the space to include this desk.

transitional office deskIf you would prefer something in between modern and traditional the Lithos desk by Dellarovere might suite all your needs. Despite being made of wood this office desk has more of a transitional style because of its design and versatility. The Lithos desk can be positioned in an “L” shape while incorporating storage. The “L” shape gives people more room to work and spread paper work. The other side of the desk feature storage compartments that offers even more space to place any documents. Its design indicates that one would need enough room for this desk but its versatility in positioning the storage where you want is extremely helpful.