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Building a Luxury Furniture Collection

Understanding your tastes and how they meld with your lifestyle, as well as express it, is crucial to successfully build a luxury furniture collection.

Whether your interest comes from gazing at photos in magazines, or from a childhood home which included luxury furniture, if you’re reading this, you know you want it.  You want a home which is a place of rest and comfort, but also a showpiece that’s striking and unique.

Luxury furniture can achieve that for you, by bringing the quality and craftsmanship associated with its production into your living space.

The right fit.

Building a luxury furniture collection isn’t necessarily about fashion.  Neither is it about what’s happening in furniture design right this minute.  Most collectors of luxury furniture have a specific look and feel in mind, because they understand their personal aesthetic and lifestyle needs well.

elegant chair

Everything in your home needn’t fit the descriptor ‘luxury furniture’ for you to find a place for these singular pieces in your home.  You may have cherished antiques you want to set off, or shabby chic, reconditioned furniture that cries out to be complemented.

You’re choosing luxury furniture to create an emotional context for what you already have.  You may choose pieces for the living room or bedroom.  You may select boiserie, shelving, or finely crafted, inlaid cabinetry, or a simple armchair – but whatever you choose, you’ll know the right fit when you see it.

What’s important to you?

If you entertain guests in your home regularly, the living room is always a great place to start.  Many a stimulating conversation has begun while considering the lines of a classic Eames lounger.  Building a luxury furniture collection starts with you and your lifestyle needs.

elegant white bedroom

If you’re given to curling up in bed with a good book, then you may want to keep your luxury furniture all to yourself.  The introverts among us may have more need of a luxuriously tufted headboard than a contemporary coffee or end table.

But you may also feel compelled to furnish a home office with fine, contemporary furnishings, surrounding yourself with luxury furniture that works for you, as you work on your dreams.

Your style, amplified.

Building a luxury furniture collection is an individual pursuit, guided by your own observations about the type of living space you feel most at home in.

Whether your style is a quiet luxury which whispers of family gatherings and elegant soirees, or gilded, heavily tufted Old World chic, your selections will amplify your personal style by injecting it with exceptional design and craftsmanship.

You may want to go it alone, as you collect, or seek the advice of a design professional.  Either way, when you’re building a luxury furniture collection, being true to yourself is the first order of the day.  It’s your style and that has nothing to do with fads, trends or fashion.

It’s all about you.

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