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  • Founded : 1970
  • Factory : Udine, Italy
  • Style: Contemporary


SF Collection | MADE IN ITALY

At the end of World War 2, Friuli was a poor land, where the young emigrated, seeking jobs and a better future. Instead, my grandfather, Almo Cantarutti, like many others, preferred to stay on, to set up the companies which have contributed to developing our region’s wellbeing, turning our territory from being poor and rife with emigrants, into a rich and developed one.

The SF Collection story begins with my grandfathers perseverance and laboriousness, which were continued by my father Edgardo Cantarutti and, now, by the third, current generation of an entrepreneurial family record, thanks to the considerable investment carried out over the years.

Our products are made inside our two factories; we handle all processing stages, including painting. This allows us to cut production costs, while guaranteeing top quality to our customers. Thanks to an integrated manufacturing system and to our chair and table warehouse, we can process our customer’s orders in 2-3 weeks from receipt of order, when any among 95% of the articles listed in our catalogue are requested.

The Ho.Re.Ca market demands effective delivery dates, top aesthetic and structural quality of our products; expectations that we are able to meet just fine: this is confirmed by the extremely low number of complaints we receive, regarding less than 0.2 % of the chairs and tables we have delivered in a year. We look forward to having you among our Customers, once you get to know the articles and services that we manage to furnish.

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