Mantellassi Furniture

mantellassi furniture
  • Founded: 1926
  • Factory: Tuscany
  • Style: Traditional

Since 1926 – Mantellassi’s Synthesis of Tradition and Evolving Design.

When Macario Mantellassi founded the Mantellassi furniture company in Tuscany in 1926, he had a vision of bringing tradition forward to synthesize with the evolving aesthetics of a fresh, new age.

In the days of flappers and Art Deco, the company established itself as a furniture manufacturer and designer which believed in design as an expression of individual lifestyles.

In the enduring spirit of the Italian love of all things beautiful, Mantellassi furniture’s mission is to bring its international customers a unique vision of furnishings.  The ideal is to express the essence, aura and soul of the spaces graced by their work, redefining the role of the inanimate as a vibrant influence on our lives.

Ahead of its time.

Master upholsterer Macario Mantellassi wasn’t alone in his young enterprise.  He was joined by his son, Remo and wife, Elisa.

It was Elisa who provided the financial underpinnings of the company, moving it forward by developing it as a design and business force.  Mantellassi furniture is a pioneer in this respect, with Elisa’s example continuing to exert influence, placing Italian women in the vanguard of the nation’s furniture design innovators.

Design at the highest level.

Mantellassi 1926 collaborates with international practitioners of high level design.  This creates a unique synergy of expression, giving birth to thoughtful, inspirationally-conceived furniture which speaks to the homes and commercial interests it’s created for.

Heritage meets innovation at Mantellassi 1926.  This dynamic fusion of visions results in furnishings of peerless distinction and uncompromising quality, developed over 90 years.

Mantellassi furniture, at Michelangelo Designs.

The Michelangelo Design Center is the first and only facility entirely dedicated to the importation of Italian furniture, exclusively available to Trade professionals.

From architects, to real estate developers, to interior designers, to retailers, Michelangelo has sourced the very best in Italian furniture design, bringing it to the USA since 1985.  Offering professionals in the Trade access to a selection of Italy’s most prominent design houses, we push the envelope.

Here, we provide a wide range of textiles, with over 1,000 to choose from.  Included are rich leathers and superior woods.  This means Trade professionals can allow their design vision to match the demands of discerning clients, by creating one-of-a-kind pieces which are, collectively, the cure for the common.

Discover the cure for the common.

At Michelangelo Designs, we’re proud to bring professionals in the Trade Italy’s longstanding traditions of quality, expert craftmanship and sublime design.  At our expansive showroom and warehouse, you’ll find all you need to realize the fullness of your creative impulse as a design professional.

Trade professionals are invited to contact us for an appointment.  Come discover the cure for the common at Michelagelo, with Mantellassi 1926 and a stunning array of Italy’s most prestigious design houses.

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