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Rozzoni: Classical meets Contemporary

Michelangelo Designs, Rozzoni classical furniture

Furniture in Italy is treated like a piece of art and rightfully so because it takes a lot of time to create such intricate designs on pieces of wood. Handmade 100% in Italy, Rozzoni produces and customizes classical and contemporary high-end Italian pieces. Rozzoni classical furniture follows an ageless and classic design therefore it never […]

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Top Styles of Italian Sofas

Michelangelo Designs, Top Styles of Italian Sofas

Shopping for a brand new place to live is a hassle, but having to furnish the place is far more intimidating. It’s a scary thought for most homeowners because the furniture pieces you decide to buy reflects your personality and your taste of style. Therefore how do we decide? Actually it’s easier than you think. […]

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