Monthly Archives: September 2021

Italian Ottomans: Small but Mighty 

Michelangelo Designs, Italian ottoman

There’s no better feeling than finishing a decorating project, especially when it’s a project concerning your home. The living room is one of the many rooms as a homeowner we must take pride on decorating since guests get to see it. From the TV console to the armchair, and the sectional, there are various ways […]

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3 Italian Furniture Designers Millennials Should Know About

Michelangelo Designs, Italian furniture brands

Today we will showcase the top 3 Italian furniture designers that every Millennial should know about. Italian furniture has a reputation to be overly priced and it just sounds old. However, luxurious Italian furniture has come a long way these past 50 years. Like fashion, they understand that trends change therefore, all of these Italian […]

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